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LoginSecurity Update!

Secure all the things v2!

For many years our LoginSecurity module has had a small flaw where passwords from command usage was logged in the server's log files. However, we have recently come up with a fix (surprisingly, not as simple as you'd think), and now passwords are no longer logged!

However, while we do have strict access to who can access the server's logs, we are requiring that everyone who was previously using a password (using /login) to reset their passwords to ensure that any previously logged passwords are useless.

Just as a reminder, to set your password, run /register <pass> in game. After that, any log in attempts will require running /login <pass> in order to play.

If you have any special conditions that requires you to have your old password reinstated, please contact us and we can work out a solution for you.

Thank you for understanding,

- Redstoner Staff Team ❤️


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