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Changes to Appeal Process

Redstoner's appeal policy has maintained for a long time that 'permanent bans are permanent' and should not be appealed unless considered unjust or unfair (excluding chat offences, an exception for which was added a while back). This, however, is changing.

Here is the relevant snippet from the edited appeal guidelines:

If the following points describe your case, you might be eligible to be unbanned or have your punishment reconsidered. Please be aware though, that it is relatively unlikely you will be unbanned, don't waste our time if you were reasonably banned!

  • You can appeal permanent bans if you believe they were unjust/unfair.
  • You can also appeal if you feel enough time has passed and you have changed positively since the punishment was issued. An appropriate time period will depend on the nature of the ban or demotion and therefore is not explicitly defined.
  • You can appeal any ban (within reason).
  • Your appeal will only be accepted if we can see from it that you have actually matured, and if the appeal seems honest. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Please be aware that appeals can be closed at the staff team's discretion without necessarily having to disclose or explain the reasons for doing so if the majority of the staff members agree.

We hope that you will all agree that this is a positive change. Any further suggestions can be made in the comments of this post or in an appropriate section of the forums.


Nice to see these changes finally being added :D

Good stuff, i like it clapclap

I feel the return of Alugia7 coming soon...

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