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Interseasonal Recap (Febuary & March)

Wow, we can't even keep recaps in one season... ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

Staff Changes

  • @Nemes has retired from admin, we wish him the best of luck in life.
  • @Pepich1851 is back from commons and has resumed his position of admin (but not staff lead).

Trusted Promotions

  • @SBdoesRedstone (sailorkittxns)
  • @Jrddino

Security and Appeals

Over the past two months we secured our login-security module's logs and changed the appeal process to be more lenient towards permbans from long ago. You can find the respective news posts here and here.


  • LoginSecurity has more secure logs (as said above).
  • /lol search and /lol match now have paging.
  • Changed the word used for players with the Trusted Rank from Trusteds to Trusted in /list.
  • Teleport permission fix.

Open Staff Positions

The Staff of Redstoner wishes to expand our team. If you think you meet the requirements, feel free to submit an application!


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