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New Beacon Rule

After much discussion we have decided it was necessary to make a rule regarding beacons on plots to avoid lag and unwanted effects going onto other peoples plots.

The rule reads:

18.Do not create beacons with status effects that extend beyond your plot. Status effects affect a cubic shaped area around the beacon going out 50 blocks in all directions at tier 4, so you can only place the beacon very near the center of your plot if you want to have an effect on it. More than 5 simultaneously active beacons when not in use will also not be tolerated. Mind you: You can make beacon shows and thelike, but make sure the beacons are blocked off when the show is not running. Send us a message via /report if you find a plot that does not meet these conditions.

Please make sure your plots meet these requirements. If you need help regarding this ask a staff member.


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