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We're changing website ranks!

Just as small post to say that we're (finally) currently manually updating the website ranks on our server! It's a slow and painful process, but we have already done one page, and should be done early tomorrow / later today. Happy playing! :D


Its a paiN! But its totaly worth doing! :)

Update :D

We're now ~1.25 pages done! :D

Update! :D

We are now ~1.75 pages done! C:

Wooooo! We can do it! \o/

Yay im mod rank now!!
Thanks for doing this guys!!!

Please Note

This does not mean that future rank changes will be propagated to the website.
Website ranks and in-game ranks are still two different systems and require manual updates.

I'm not really sure why @barrygold_ and @ArhurValk have decided to waste their time with a process that could be done automatically a lot faster.
As explained above, these ranks are not going to change unless changed by hand.

Jomo KP gave me the job, and arhur is helping has he has nothing to do at the moment :D

Update! :D

2 Pages are done! C:

Also, I am doing this, since I want to help barry, I am very bored, I have vacation and that the ranks are bothering me x)

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