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Update to redstoner-utils: Automate stupid things!

The new update, among others, adds a new module called blockplacemods.
This module contains three features, which only affect Creative and Trusted:

  • Upon placing a slab, it will be turned upside-down
  • Upon placing a cauldron, it will be filled with water
  • Upon right-clicking a filled cauldron with empty hand or redstone dust, the water level will be lowered

All these features have a command to be disabled. The three commands are:
/autoflipslab, /autofillcauldron and /autotakewater, respectively.
Each of these commands takes one argument: on or off.
This should be fairly self explanatory.

Hope you enjoy and find these features helpful!


Sounds great!
How about flipping a slab when right clicked with an empty hand?

I also had an idea like that but I said flipping slabs when crouched.

Pretty cool plugin update !

nice i dont have to waste time to do those things now lel

This is a really cool new plugin. Can you add so you don't have to turn them off again every time you join.

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