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Builders in Trusted World!

Builders do now have access to trusted world in spectator mode.
To go there, you can do /tr.

Builders, have fun looking at all the exceptional builds there. Maybe you can even learn something from them.


This concerns Trusted Creative and not survival.

EDIT by Dico:

This feature was removed due to complaints from quite a few players and a solution is being come up with.


Does this mean I can ask a trusted person to show me something in the trusted world?

Yes @CookieRedstone , it does, although you can only move and view things. You cannot interact with anything or break/place blocks until you have the trusted rank or higher.

@lmaobear I personally hate this change, maybe we could have had a vote? :P The trusted world just lost one of its best elements: privacy. :C

@PyjamaL1ama well, to be honest I see your point, I would like to see in there in spectator for once though, I'm quite wondering how evrything looks like over there, maybe this should be applied for a few days.

Hmm, that sounds interesting.

Not that I have anything to really vote on

In my opinion, I believe that Builders should NOT be allowed in to the Trusted Creative world, unless with special permission. It was originally made for Trusted players only, and I would like it to stay that way. I enjoy the privacy that the Trusted Creative world had before the update, imo. Bringing more players into the Trusted World (even only with spectator mode) kind of ruins the privacy Trusted players had.

I'm a builder too, but I don't think this is a good idea tho.
When I've entered to the trusted world, it ruined my surprise of being trusted.
When a person becomes into trusted, then he gets permissions to go to the trusted world. And then he gonna get surprised.
Got me?

Although maybe you can (as a builder) ask staff for permission, as @Skrileton said.

I find this quite a stupid idea, since its trusted world. The world is ment for trusted people, and when doing secret projects, you'd do it in trusted. I think this idea takes away the privacy that trusted first had. I think there should be a 7 day test, along with a vote for trusted+.

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