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RedstonerUtils update

I've pushed another update to our custom RedstonerUtils plugin. This time, I've almost completely rewritten the module I added last time; blockplacemods.
The commands in the old module, /autotakewater, /autofillcauldron, /autoflipslab have been replaced by /toggle or /set which is the exact same thing.
Just type the new command in game and you'll figure out how to use it. I merged autotakewater and autofillcauldron into one setting named cauldron, and added a setting named furnace.

In addition to previous features, you can now set what items you want in a furnace's first slot when you place it via /set furnace while holding the preferred itemstack. This will copy the stack size, type and damage value. This feature is disabled by default and if it's enabled, it can be disabled by using the command whilst holding nothing / with an empty hand.

The module is made very flexible and much more elegant. Adding features is very simple to do, so if you have anything, shout!
I hope you enjoy these changes.

Unfortunately old settings have been reset with this update.

As you may have noticed recently, flicking a lever often makes it say that you can't build here or that you can't destroy this lever, same with buttons. This issue has been resolved.


How about that place a redstone torch on a redstone block and it gets deleted thing you mentioned?

This feature is disabled by default and can be disabled

Yes jomo I know its a little bit confusing but actually thats what Its meant to say.... I'll fix the confusion part.

Yay, finally the annoying damnspam bug has been fixed!

@Dico200 , how did you fix it? What was the problem ;P

In this plugin I was calling a BlockBreakEvent when you right click a block before I checked if the block type was a cauldron.

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