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Another RedstonerUtils Update

I've pushed another update to our blockplacemods module.


  • Added /setting and /config aliases for the command.
  • Added settings piston, dropper and hopper.
  • Made it possible for toggled config types to be disabled by default.
  • The furnace setting and the added dropper and hopper settings now work as follows: /toggle <setting> [slot] sets the default itemstack in slot [slot] or by default 0 to the held itemstack. So you can use /set hopper 4 to set the item in the last slot to your held item, or just /set hopper to set the item in the first slot to your held item.
  • /toggle piston will enable a setting where pistons and sticky pistons which you placed will face the block which you placed them against. Use this command again to disable.

For more information about all settings in this module, use /toggle help. The help message will contain all settings you which you can change, and /toggle <setting> info will give you more detailed information about each of these.

The code for all of our RedstonerUtils modules can be found here


isn't toggle piston wrong because it faces the piston head into the block rather than outwards...??

If it faces it outwards it would be a fairly useless setting, this way its more useful for places you can't reach.

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