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Trial restructuring of staff

OK so as most of you have noticed, our helpers have all been promoted to mods in training. We feel this is a simpler staff structure for players to grasp and for admin/leads to manage. If this trial is successful this will become a permanent change to the staffing structure. I myself will join kpkiller1671 as lead mod.


@NewNameFor30Days -,-

Congrats to all the helpers who are now MITs. I realize some of you might not make it all the way to mod, but i cant wait to see those that do.

I really dislike this idea. Does this mean that there are technically no confirmed players who will ONLY moderate chat?
I wanted to be a chat moderator - a helper - ...

its a mods job too, now were moving it all into one

Yea, but helpers were ONLY chat moderators. Not somebody who is really good at checking people's plots and other shit like that.
Chat moderator is an easier job than a full on moderator

Good idea, but what happened to helper?

Actually helpers weren't ONLY chat monitors, permission wise it was almost identical to that of mod in training and there was a large overlap in duties too. Helpers never actually decided promotions but regularly checked plots and made recommendations, as well as several other duties including checking for clocks, illegal plot builds etc. Near as dammit identical to mods in training.

Wow. so if im a helper, im a mod in training! but too bad, im still builder -,-

@Nyx I totally agree with you. I really wanted to be helper even when I applied I havent got promoted by weird reasons and I'm still not helper.
Some poeple I saw got promoted eventho no staff aplications were opened neither for helper or mod. Just magically got promoted. Weird stuff happens.
In my opinion those helpers who are friends of mods so they have higher chance of getting promoted to mod.
I know that lots of mods/helpers wont like my opinion but that's actually true - the more mod friends you've as a helper (or as a Trusted) the more chances you have to get promoted to mod (or Helper if you're trusted).
I dont think It's actually fair to do like that.
All those new things with helpers and mods, could you change or add something new to builders or trusteds? Because those ranks feel abandoned.
That's how I see everything and everyone has their opinion, dont need to hate me.
Stupid Corrupcy. (Ik that that's how world works. IK OK?)

@M0dii your applications were denied for reasons stated by those who dealt with them. Those of us that didn't apply weren't promoted simply because we were friends with other staff.

In my case, there was no reason to open applications for helper as they only needed one or two to fill positions. Ion approached me and asked if I'd like to be a helper as he had seen my previous application and felt that I would fit the position.

Please don't be jealous.

@M0dii I find your post pretty offensive in that you are stating that I am corrupt. You have no clue why people are promoted and are clearly just bitter that as yet you haven't got staff rank. So let me make this perfectly clear to you: it is NOT true that being friendly with staff gives you a better chance of getting promoted. I myself decided on all the promotions to helper and NONE of the people promoted to helper were my friend. I tried and will always try to treat people equally and fairly and judge people by their actions. For your information PJ was promoted to helper because she had posted a very good application a few weeks previously that I rejected at the time for my own reasons, but I decided then to watch her for a few weeks with a view to offering a staff position at a later date when there was an opening. Ironically I had you in my mind as a strong candidate to fill the next open spot before you showed this side to yourself.

Personally for me, I find this is a great change in the staff system since, as you stated, Helpers we're practically identical to MITs. Helper was just another (seemingly useless) staff rank and so I'm all for this change.

@M0dii heres a quote from a guidelines in the staff forums:

On most servers this can be an issue with staff members who were poorly chosen, or were simply chosen for staff because they are friends with the owner or other staff members.

This is not the case on this server, if you believe is a problem speak to a member of staff ingame or post a threat about it if need be. Thank you.

First of all I'm not attributing all of this to PJ, I've no personal stuff or problems with PJ, I'm not trying to be offensive while stating the facts which are true in some ways.
Second of all I thought everyone can express their opinion without bad consequences. I just felt that this is how it's all going and I just wanted to tell what I feel like is going and what I think about all this stuff.
Thirdly - Yes - I'm a little jealous. I was really waiting for open applications to get Helper role, considering the staff applications were closed for month or two and people getting promoting while they are closed.

I dont want you to think I'm jerk when I'm saying my opinions but I think everyone has freedom of speech, right?

And I'm sorry if I made myself look like that. I dont want to keep everything quiet without others knowing the facts which I think needs to be known and be a talked about.

un ban me i was kidding im only 12

@coolman6464z try using the forums appeal section please.

@M0dii Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but when your opinion spreads malicious lies about how the promotion system and thus indirectly the people that run it are corrupt, I think I have every right to defend that. To suggest I favour my friends simply isn't true. Of the 3 people I've been closest to in my time on redstoner, I temp-banned one (his only ever temp-ban) for rule breaking, one was promoted above me to mod when I was having time away from the server and the third I had to perma-ban. I'm not claiming that every decision I make is perfect but I can absolutely assure you I am always striving to be as fair and impartial as possible and to do what I think is best for the server. If you wish to discuss this with me further could you do so by in game mail or start a dedicated thread please as the news section isn't really the right place for this.

i wont do spam or that if you can UN ban me i promise if i do then you can ban me

only if i spam a gain an you may ban but if i do not then i will get on the server.

Go and appeal! We won't consider unbanning you until then!

@coolman6464zd Rickroll

Will staff applications open again? Or are there so many waiting spots?

Edit: I mean people who already applied.

@CookieRedstone probably not soon since we have a lot of mods and some mods in training like myself too.

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