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1000 users signed up!

It has been less than 1 year since we released this website and we already have 1000 users signed up to it!

Thank you everyone for using this website, it means a lot!
In case you missed our blog post about Open Source, the website's source code is public – contributions welcome!

If you happen to use a feed reader (and you really should) there's also an Atom feed for our blog posts!

As always, feel free to use the Website forum for questions, feedback and bugs.

A note about passwords

I have posted stats about password security in the past and today I'm doing the same again.
Although our sign-up page has this big warning

warning screenshot

There isn't really anything new to tell you. People just ignore the warning. 280 of 1000 users (28%) signed up using their Mojang email and password.
If I was an evil guy, I could have claimed 280 accounts worth more than $7.5k !

(click on the image for infinite zoom)
registration graph

Blue shows the total number of registrations, orange the number of those who re-used their password.

There hasn't been a single day with more than 7 registrations and 0 re-using passwords.

In case you're wondering, passwords are not stored. The source code is available.

When someone signs up with their Mojang password, they get a special email telling them the dangers about it.
This is very dangerous because people often use these same passwords for their email, Facebook, and what not.


@everyone Keep in mind that you and you alone are responsible for the security of your account. If your account was hacked (someone else was using your account) and griefed somebody or broke rules, you are responsible. We give you a tool named LoginSecurity to counter this, but if you don't use it, we can't help you.

Nice post sheep :D

FYI, @GoldenSun is the 1000th user and he/she did use their Mojang password ;;
The user with ID #1000 is @np2877. (One user, #17 has been deleted and user #1 @Steve is not counted. Thus the user count is latest ID - 2)

Edit: fixed math. thanks dico

Congratz redstoner!!


@jomo you mean latest ID - 2

Congrats redstoner on reaching 1000 users!

Im member #6 get on my level

Doom, do you even read?

Woop! Congratz Redstoner! :D



edit: how would you know what number user you are?

@Nyxis go to the "users" tab, then go to trusted users, find your own account. Look at the URL in the search bar, there ye go. :D

Nope, just click on your name in comments, or click on your avatar in the top right of the site.

gz Redstoner =D
Wtf I'm builder not member fix it

how do you get those stats sheep

The website attempts a login at Mojang on registration. If that succeeds, the signed-up mail mentions it.
I don't store it anywhere but I can search the mails for this information.

wow... reverse engineering login forms? sounds somewhat like CSRF to me, cool

... "is_idiot = true"

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