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/up //up temporarily disabled

As the title suggests the commands /up and //up are disabled while we are working on a bug fix. This should only be a temporary measure so please be patient.


You have saved us all!!!

Temporary?! there is no good reason we should keep it. If you use it to move upwards just use /gm 3 and scroll up. If you use it to place a block in the air, theres //cyl 20 1 (created a cylinder of glass with a radius of 1). And if you use it to greif, screw you stop greifing.

But I'm sure your are aware of ALL the problems with it. It is a slightly useful command, with way more drawbacks than benefits.

I've been saying this since I learned it can be used on other plots.
Maybe now that Doom said it people will listen...

@Doomblah , I love /up. If I want to build or worldedit high up it saves me piling up to do it :D

@Doomblah we discussed your idea before; you don't understand the exact principles of /up

@Doomblah people have their own preferences and ways to move up quickly. Therefore I prefer to find a fix for the command rather than to disable it completely, especially since a lot of people use /up already, and /up is still considerably faster than /gm 3 scroll /gm 1 honestly.

Thank u Very much ion!!! u saved everybody!!! thank u Ion!! no more /up griefers!!

For all y'all that need it just do //pos1, //pos2, then //set 0 if you are building in the air

I doubt //set 0 will make a difference @Pandoh

I'm so glad this was fixed.

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