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Trainee Mod Applications open

We have a shortage of staff to cover the west coast US time zone area (around -8 UTC as a guide). If you feel you are suited to this role please follow the application guidelines here. Good luck.


I'm not going to apply, but I want to know when this time is exactly. When I say this I mean when is this time not getting filled in UTC.

wow i will apply!! but can builders apply Ion??

@AttanabilDoesMC Considering a member got helper at a time, yep.

Good luck to all those who apply!

@Pandoh around -8 UTC, I will amend opening post to make this clearer.

@barrygold9001_ WOW i will apply!!

To all staff members:

Well, I have been thinking about doing this, but as of right now I am limited on time, if I apply, and, if my applycation gets accepted, can you also become a staff later?

I will have more time when the summer ends, and then I want to mean something to the community :)

@CookieRedstone your time zone isn't even one we're currently looking for staff in, did you read Ion's post correctly? :/

I did yes @PyjamaL1ama , and I am aware of that too.

@barrygold9001_ What is a helper!? :P

Dammit Timezones xD

@CookieRedstone I would suggest you should only apply for staff when you have the time to do the job (and when the position that is open is in or near your time-zone) so Id wait until you have more time and a suitable position opens up.

Dangnit time zones... I would of if I could.
Good luck to anyone that's trying!

Sorry if im being really stupid but i've red the whole thing and i can't find the link to apply, and the replies are locked

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