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Staff changes and recruitment

A few more staff changes to report today. Sadly UnchinoKao (AKA Barry) has left the staff team. While he made a few mistakes as a staff member I would personally like to thank him for all his good work, effort and enthusiasm.

To replace him Leau (Evan) has been promoted from Mod in Training to full Mod. Good luck to you Evan in this new post.

This means we now have a position open for a new (trainee) Moderator in the EU time-zones. If you want to apply please carefully read the guidelines and staff requirements here


Thank you, Ion :D.

Goodbye barry ;)

Fixed the link for staff requirements.

A Gz for Evan and a ;-; for Barry...

Gratz Evan and good luck to you barry.

Congrats Evan! I hope you do well!
Great having you as a mod Barry, hope you still are as active!

@RedstoneMania nah probably not, I haven't had much interest in minecraft any more; I haven't had the motivation to play it, even a bit before my demotion. I'll try to keep active on the forums.

Btw everyone, if you want to notify me via email on the forums, mention me, I have only that ticked on my notification settings.

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