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Say hello to the Developer rank!

We're introducing the Developer rank. Developers are very similar to admins, they have access to the server, but they only touch the stuff that's directly related to Minecraft.
That is mostly plugins - our own as well as 3rd party - which need to be written, tested, fixed, and bug reports filed for.

This rank doesn't change anything ingame, developers have the admin rank and a purple dot suffix.


You can find a more detailed description about this rank on our ranks page and our staff requirements page.

Apply for this rank

Applications for both Admin and Developer are open!
Remember: Redstoner is Open Source and you can always look at the code or submit a fix, developer or not.


The first two users with this rank are @Nemes, who has contributed the Snowbrawl plugin, and @Pigglypops, who had resigned for a while - welcome back!


Thank you very much for welcoming me back its very good to be back :)

Ooh ooh, retired and Dev on the forums please? @jomo

Grats @Nemes and @Pigglypops :D

I would, but i havent completed python and dont know java.

gz piggly and gj implementing this jomo

yay piggly! @Pigglypops

I'd love to apply, but do I need to know a lot about Python? You guys know I'm a java freak.

I can write java but not python. lol python is so much easier

we use python on the server to make plugins so it is very important to know how to use python

i know python and im learning java

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