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Calculate the size of the universe?

World edit commands for figuring out the size of your creation have been added to everyone!

Anyone (including visitors) can now issue //wand to get the world edit axe, select a region, do //size to get its size and volume and also //sel to clear your selection.


Woot! Now had a new hook a command /size :P

You can thank me for that hehe :3

But I was the one that told you too do it 0_0

what do you use these commands for without access to other WE commands?

@jomo not having to count and calculate the size of a (redstone)

Wow Nemes! Good job :D

@jomo Members can now select a region with world edit. The only world edit command though is //size. //size calculates the amount of blocks in the selected region and the dimensions.

add //distr too

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