Ladies, ladies, The ftb server is here.

Sorry it took a while to setup, needed to get more votes, now as far as thanks go : Sheep made me a script that opens a tmux session and starts everything a while back which i used, and Traks helped me with a permissions problem. Thanks guys!

Now as far as the server its a Monster pack, Recommended build on
As far as how the server is, lets make it no Grief And community driven. "might, i repeat might! Bring in economy with ingame credits wich are implemented by IC if i remember correctly" So you can provide services for other people. As far as stealing, well lets just that pvp and stealing are in open discussion. For now lets not do it.

Download your schematics!

One of many ideas I have for the website is that you're able to download schematics that have been created in game with WorldEdit.
I haven't yet created a fancy looking website for it, but you can browse and download schematics here:

To keep this stuff more organized it would be cool if you save your schematics in the format of <your_name>/<thing>.
This can also be used to download your plot.

DamnSpam: Adding lock timeouts for your levers and buttons!

Today we've got a really cool new plugin for you!

If you deal a lot with timing based circuits that include pistons, you probably came to the point where someone spammed your lever or button and broke the whole thing. Yay.
This plugin prevents the DamnSpam, and that's how we've dubbed it. It allows you to lock levers and buttons for a specified timeout.

To find out how it works, take a look at our Commands & Plugins info page!

Please leave feedback in the comments or on our feature requests and bugs forums.


Add your own mention keywords

You can now chose which words you would like to have highlighted in chat.!

As you probably know, when someone mentions your name in chat, it is highlighted for you and you hear a pop sound.
The problem is that many people don't use your full IGN to address you, so you won't see it highlighted.
We have added a new command /mentio which allows you to define your own keywords. As soon as a message contains any of the keywords, you are notified.
It is case-insensitive and the keyword does not have to be a full word, it can just be a part of it.

If your mention keywords list is empty, it defaults to your full name and your display name (nick).
Note for donors: The "$" badge is part of the display name, so you will have to add your nick manually.

These are the commands we have added:

  • /mentio add <name>
  • /mentio del <name>
  • /mentio list

We also have a ton of other improvements, but they mostly don't affect you in a way you would immediately notice.
Note for staff: You can now use /lol search <word> to find all messages containing word.

We have recently introduced the Friends plugin. Unfortunately we had to disable it because it contains a lot of bugs that need to be fixed.
It will be activated again once @Dico200 is back from holiday (or wherever he is) and got the time to fix it.

New moderator

Please welcome our new moderator, @Mothership_Q!

He has been very active and did a great job as our recently introduced Helper rank, and now he has been promoted to the well-deserved Mod rank.

So if you need help with plugins, need your plot cleared or checked out - you are officially allowed to go BotherMother™

New Plugin: Friends!

I wrote a new plugin for the server, here's a brief explanation of what it does:

  • You can use /friends to manage your friends list.
  • when a player in your friends list joins the server, a sound will be played and a bold message will show up in chat, telling you who joined. The sound it plays is random.orb.

friends help

I hope you like this plugin, please leave some feedback.
I wrote this plugin in python.

200 users signed up - a serious talk about password security

The good news

The website has hit 200 signed up users after only 20 days! That is amazing and I never expected it to grow that quick.

FYI, @chp2001 is user #200.

The bad news

Now you're probably wondering why the title of this blog post contains something about password security.
We have ran a little security experiment on the website, and I don't like the results at all!

When you signed up on the website, the website automatically uses your IGN or email address and the password you used for registration to test if a login to mojang is successful, or not.
It uses the same way to login the Minecraft launcher uses, as documented here. (warning: nerd stuff)
In case you're scared now, that is actually what we wanted to achieve. The passwords are not stored, however.


If it isn't yet clear to you why you shouldn't re-use your minecraft any password on redstoner's website anywhere else again, here are just a few examples:

  • If we wanted to, we could store the passwords and claim your account
  • We could also assume that you probably use the same password for facebook, gmail, minecraft forums, ... and claim those accounts, too
  • If we would (be stupid enough to) store your passwords in plain text and someone gains access to our database,
    not only we would have your passwords, but the hackers would as well!
  • If any of the services where you're using this password gets hacked, they can claim your account on redstoner's website, too.

You are probably re-using your password because you cannot come up with any other ones or can't remember too many passwords.
There is a solution to this problem. There are lots of programs called Password manager or Password database which store all your account details + passwords.
All you need to remember is a (really strong) master password to unlock the database.
Many of them will also allow you to generate random passwords.
I use KeePassX to handle this, and it handles it pretty well.
It runs on many systems including mobile phones and you can use dropbox or the like to access it from anywhere (dropbox can't see your passwords because they don't know the master password).

Finally, here's a chart that shows the date on the X-Axis and the number of registrations (blue) plus the number of players who re-used their minecraft login password (red).

Here is a png version in case the chart above doesn't work.

This chart makes me sad. Really sad.
We have a total of 200 registered users, 53 of them re-used their password. That is a whopping 26.5%!
A Minecraft account costs 26.95$. I could have claimed accounts worth over 1428$ in 20 days!

Those who re-used their password got an instant notification on the website and a warning in their registration email.
I hope I was able to explain why it's a bad idea to re-use passwords. Please change your passwords wherever you use them, now!

Feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

2 New plugins: ChatGroups and ForceField!

We've added 2 new plugins onto the server, one which you will be able to use to chat with certain players, and another which more specific users will be able to use in order to play with no players annoying them, for example people like Mumbo Jumbo, or fennoman if he's livestreaming.

For chatgroups, you can use /cg to control your chatgroup. If you want to chat to your chatgroup, use :, but you can also use /cgt to toggle chatgroup messages and global server messages.
Here's some more info on /cg:
Chatgroup help
This plugin was made by our godfather, sheep! :D

For forcefield, this pic should explain:
Forcefield help

the forcefield just keeps other players on distance. Eventually you can whitelist certain players so they can enter your forcefield, and build with you.
Forcefield is not likely to be given to you, unless you're hoarded by players, and just to clarify, I'm not hoarded, I just wanted to make a plugin :)
forcefield is my first kinda complicated plugin written in python, so please give me some feedback! :)

Reason for our downtime a few hours ago

Those were all TNT carts:
tnt carts

Default WorldEdit Selection Limit Changed to 10201

Most people with worldedit were limited to 10000 blocks in one go. I thought this was a bit unlucky, since the plots are 101x101 which is 10201 when squared. So I changed it to 10201. Everyone with worldedit can change their plot floor with 1 command, and without shifting their selection! :)
Thanks @willetaking for testing it out! ;)