Welcome to the new website!

After months of hard work from sheep, and countless hours of testing by the staff, is finally done!
As you can see in the menu bar, we have a News blog, Info pages Forums, and more.
The website should also work perfectly fine on Smartphones.
Definitely go check out the Info pages!

Other Changes

We have a new spawn:

new spawn
Simply jump off the edges to "fall" into a World.
Inside the Piston you'll find the FAQ and a list of donators further down.

Survival world

We have decided to make the Survival world griefing allowed.

This change was made to make it really "survival", create a bit more fun, and challenge for everyone.


We have recently worked (and are still working) on some custom plugins. Some of these are a bit older, but we think not many are aware of them, so we tell you anyway. We also have an info page about plugins with more details.

  • ChatGroups > Lets you create a group chat with multiple users.
  • Reports > Report problems to the staff!
  • SayLol > Broadcast funny messages
  • Mention > Highlights your username in chat and makes a sound
  • ShearSheep > Try it :)

Website registration

The registration is fairly simple, but requires one extra step to make sure all players are really from the server and aren't bots or are impersonating other people.

See this info page about Signing up.

If you still have questions, read the Website FAQ or leave a comment after you signed up!

The Redstoner staff team