May recap

Officially back on schedule


  • @Sckrob is now mod in training! Wish her luck :3
  • @Dico200 has stepped down after many years of actively managing the server, not to forget starting Redstoner as we know it today!


  • @ScienceRedstone
  • @Arminecraft
  • @BrubriRedstone
  • @Shroomyjoe


As mentioned in the last recap, teleportation commands are now disabled in survivals! (Except the ones that teleport you to spawn - /tsv and /sv)
Weather was also fixed, it can rain now!


@Pepich1851 has been working tirelessly the past weeks to fix all the things and add the remaining modules back in place, I'm happy to announce that with the help of @Dico200, block-place-mods is finally back! Use the command /mod to learn more in-game.

The Essentials plugin was updated to EssentialsX which is a fork of the original plugin.

Update on server crashes

The crashes mentioned in the last recap have been fixed, turns out it was a spigot issue and updating it fixed™ everything!

There will be an inspiring quote here someday

Good Night, Sweet Prince

Rip Dico

As some of you may know, @Dico200, the founder of Redstoner, is leaving us to pursue other interests. I asked all of the staff members to write a short message to him to show how much we appreciate all that he did. Here is our goodbye:

Yummy: “When I joined this server, it was only for the purpose of learning redstone. However, I soon fell in love with the community and even if I didn't use redstone or build anymore, I knew I was here to stay. I remember one time when you showed me a pixel display you were working on and I was blown away by your ability. I now have a plentitude of friends, a greater knowledge of programming, and plans for my future. Thank you for starting this server Dico, you've changed my life.

Redempt: “When I first joined this server, the first thing I did was challenge you to a redstone competition with my crappy 3x3 piston door using slime blocks. Admittedly, it was pretty fast… Later when I got MIT, you called me a skrub after I reminded you of that. You shall be missed o/

Logal: “I can't make a good quote as it would either be shitty, accidentally be an insult, or something else. Either way, you will be deeply missed by me, the staff team, and all the fine players of the wonderful Redstoner community.

Doomblah: “I only found this server because I was banned from CubeKrowd, I’d seen Dico around before on it and of course I watched all his videos. I’ve known Dico longer than Redstoner has been around, but I’ve known him better since. I wouldn’t have kept playing Minecraft if it weren’t for Redstoner, and Redstoner wouldn’t have existed without Dico, so thank you Dico for the best server ever, I’ll never forget it. Now to quote something I said to him a long time ago ‘Dico, sign my piston. After you sign it, it will be a sticky piston’. Thank you for the best 4 years of my life, I wish you the best on your future endeavours. Thank you, and goodbye.

Futsy: “I support Logals quote. (aka I am not creative enough to come up with my own)

Minh: “Well here goes nothing. The first time I ever heard of you was on Youtube. I saw many of your redstone creations and was amazed! I wanted to be just like you. So I went out in search for a server that provide that, and found a small server called Redstoner. I joined and to my surprise you were there. I have had some fun times with you derping around, but everything has to come to an end. I have always looked up to you and your redstone and will continue to do so while I am still a part of this amazing server. It has been almost 3 years since I joined the server. 3 years is a long time. In those 3 years many things have happened I completed high school, got my permit/licence, joined the military, and most of all had so many good times on the Redstoner server with all of my friends. Most if not everyone on the server are the same, not being too social and dont really like talking to people. But the server has changed that for many of us. I have many friends that frequent the server, and I talk to some on Teamspeak™ and have some really good times with them. You didn’t just make a server for people to create their redstone ideas, but a server for people who are one in the same to come on and share their ideas and make friends. In my eyes you created a whole community that is still rising to this day. I am like everyone else sad that you are leaving this great community but you will forever be remembered as the redstone god Dico200!

PJ: “When I first joined Redstoner, I was on the verge of quitting Minecraft altogether. It was sort of a last effort to find some enjoyment in it. Redstoner has done much more than that, it has quite literally changed my life. I’ve made so many amazing friends and acquaintances because of it, and I’ve matured and developed as a person during my time here so far. However, none of that would have happened (at least not quite the way that it did) if it weren’t for you, Dico. For example, I remember when you promoted me to trusted, it made my day and was a massive surprise. Thank you so much for founding such a fantastic community! I’m definitely going to miss you, I hope you hop on to say hi sometimes even though you’re busy with real life. It’s been an honour to work with you for the year or so that I did.

Minenash: "Redstoner has touched so many lives and started a vibrant community. None of it would've happened if it weren't for you. I'll definitely miss you. I hope to talk to you every once in a while."

jomo: "Thanks for bringing this whole thing to life. I met lots of nice people and learned a lot of things. Also thanks just for being a nice guy and hanging around on this and other servers back then™, you always had creative ideas to solve certain problems. Good luck with whatever you're spending your time with now 🎉"

Dico gone
Dico gone from staff boards

April Recap

More stable™


  • @Minhplays has been promoted to MIT, wish him luck!
  • @YummyRedstone is now a developer and will be bringing you the long awaited website features!
  • @SmashDoesMC retired, bai o/


  • @Stone_T_Forest is now trusted rank!


Fairly soon you will not be able to use /tpa, /tsv or /sv anymore if you are in a survival world! So no cheaty teleporting anymore :D


  • stability improvements
  • API improvements
  • all the improvements
  • improvement improvements

Recent crashes

We have acknowledged frequent crashes recently, we are currently trying to solve the issues, so far it seems to be a memory leak in Spigot but we're not sure.

Obligatory Smell Text™ brought to you by Redstoner

March Recap

Just a day late this time :D


  • @HackerAttacker retired to join the USAF.
  • @Futsy took Hacker's position as lead.
  • @Logal rejoined the staff team and acquired mod.


Nobody, RIP.

Rule Change:

We have edited the rules a little to include this new one:

The creation, possession, distribution and/or usage of any items with the following attributes is strictly forbidden:

  • very high movement speed (high movement speed makes chunks load and unload rapidly, risking corruption and server lag).
  • potion effects or enchantments above level 10 (X) or below level -10 (this includes kill potions).
  • the invisibility potion effect.

Redstoner's Birthday!

On March 29th, we celebrated the server's 4th birthday! Not much to say about this, but here's a cake:

Img link


The spawn has (finally) been changed back from the Winter version. Thanks @Futsy!

And finally... APRIL FOOLS:

You may have noticed that the chat was a little messed up yesterday. To those of you who asked, we said we had updated Essentials, which had broken something and were working to fix things. Actually, it was a bit of fun, and probably our most elaborate joke ever. A huge thank you to @Pepich1851 for making the plugin, especially at such short notice!

Here is a screenshot for anyone who missed it:

Img link

Obligatory Small Text™ brought to you by Redstoner

February Recap!

Only 2 Days Late ;)


  • psrcek demoted to trusted
  • minenash acquired dev


  • rockduck
  • HitzCritz

Update news:

  • This month we updated to 1.11 and except for some hiccups, it was successful.
  • Retired rank is now (temporarily) blue (#55f) on the forums.

New Modules:

  • Naming Module (/name, /lore, /anvil)
  • Illumination (/nv)
  • ClearOnJoin (/clearonjoin)
  • Challenge (/challenge)
    • Note: Module is not 100% complete.
    • To suggest challenges for now, go here.


  • Check works again.
  • Clear will no longer clear the whole inventory but spare armor and offhand.
    • Use eclear to get around the change.
  • Chatgroups now announce people leaving/joining others.
  • Chatgroups now has color support for everyone.
  • Chatgroups no longer errors out when console is not in a group.
  • Fixed cleanstone generators.
  • Fixed mentio.
  • Fixed webtoken

Just a reminder, if you had a loginsecurity™ password on your account before Feb. 7 and have not registered it again, then do so as soon as possible.

Everything wrong with 1.11 - IMPORTANT SECURITY INFORMATION!

With the update to 1.11.2, we also remade the entirety of our plugins, including loginsecurity. Psrcek remade that module and apparently changed the data format or similar, leading to existing passwords to no longer be recognized. I hereby entirely delete the passwords database for loginsecurity. This means that if you had your account secured with a password, it is now no longer password secured. You will have to register with your password again.

Also, there were issues involving migrating several different databases, leading to data loss in logblock, damnspam and webtoken now not being able to generate any new tokens.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that I'll be able to fix the issues asap.

If you want to register until webtoken is fixed, send me a dm with your email ingame /mail send pepich1851 and I'll manually generate your token.


Your lovely german pep :3


It's finally here!!!

After a long process of development, 1.11.2 is FINALLY HERE!
We reworked the plugins ENTIRELY and converted them all from Python to Java and implemented a HUGE permission overhaul. We updated plugins to become more accessible and user-friendly and have effectively boosted the user experience by 1000%. Many staff members worked VERY HARD to make the server compatible with 1.11.2, so please thank them for all of their hard work!!!

With this update, the SV and TSV worlds will be reset, but DON'T WORRY! The old worlds will be available for download at [bleh]. Now you can enjoy updated terrain and structure generation, and ALL of the new survival-based changes and additions that have arised within the last few Minecraft updates. You will be able to get dragon heads and totems of undying, explore the new and expanded End, and have fun once again in our new and improved survival worlds!

Also, Staff has decided to change the behavior of alternate accounts. An alt will have the same rank as a player's main, but will not be able to have plots of its own. This is to prevent players from being able to get more plots just by buying another Minecraft account. You can get more plots by asking staff - but only do this if your other plots are really really full.

Everything from potion-tipped arrows and elytras to (Pyjama) llamas and Evokers will make your time on this server much more enjoyable. With observers and shulker boxes you can make new, updated, and better redstone builds! We hope to continue to help you have the best possible experience on Redstoner.

Here is a list of some changes to plugins included in the update:
-Chat alias now supports regex!
-/cgt is automatically disabled when you leave a chatgroup!
-Alias now works with chatgroups, adminchat, and PMs!
-The shift bypass on damnspam has been fixed!
-lagchunks is now entiry async!
-Loginsecurity is much faster!
-Tab will fix itself when a player is promoted/demoted!
-Mentios higher up on a player's list will be prioritized over lower ones!
If your mentio list looks like this:

-> NumberOne

-> NumberTwo

NumberOne will always be highlighted, NumberTwo will only be highlighted when NumberOne isn’t present. Also, that’s us. We’re number one.

A quick note: blockplacemods, friends, imbusy, calc, serversigns, reports, and signalstrength have not been implemented into the update yet, but will be soon!

Happy crafting!


Edit by Viper:
Guys, I think something was a bit overlooked in this news post. @Pepich1851 worked tirelessly to get this update rolled out. He did 99% of the work completely on his own, taking his own free time to do so. This was no easy task, as all of our previous Python modules had to finish being converted to Java, as well as updated to work on 1.11. This update would have never came anywhere near as soon as it did were it not for Pepe, so I think we all need to give him a few words of thanks for his dedication to Redstoner and commitment to you guys.

January Recap!

1.11 hype!

< Stef >

  • SmashDoesMC was promoted to MIT! Wish him luck on his path to full mod!

< / Stef >

< Tusted >

The players who received a trusted promotion in January (ish) are:

  • Skrileton
  • Vanilla_Sheep

< / Tusted >

< 1.11 >

Not that much happened this month on the server directly, but staff has been working hard on the 1.11 update. It should be rolling out in the next few days! From observers to elytras to countless other features, you'll be able to enjoy Redstoner to its fullest potential once again!

< / 1.11 >

2016 Recap!

Happy new year!


  • @RedSheepMC was demoted from his mod and dev positions, sad to see you go bud :/
  • @Tatl_Tael has been demoted from his mit position due to not knowing his stuff
  • @YummyRedstone was promoted from mit to mod (\o/)
  • aand last but not least @Kappeh stepped down from his mod position

Trusted pormotions

As I promised, here's the list of everyone that got promoted to trusted in 2016!

  • @MattQGamingHD
  • @WebStun
  • @ReachTehComunity
  • @AbsentMinded
  • @barrygold_
  • @SmashDoesMC
  • @mega_man98
  • @MagmaFlarez
  • @minenash
  • @Curtiskids
  • @PeonyBT
  • @Stomachfoot
  • @Nikkeru_nya
  • @Akrobatus
  • @Tatl_Tael
  • @Mr_BlueSheep
  • @Flearoy (aka hard)
  • @Aquarius25
  • @RedSthunder00
  • @cobra063


Our plans on updating to 1.11 kinda got crushed by the holidays, the maximum time we'll (try to) get it done in is 1 month, we have tons of things done, but a lot of them are untested.

Farewell 2016

November Recap!

Winter is coming!


  • @bobmandude9889 stepped down from his dev position
  • @AnotherSheep was promoted to dev, and he's done a tiny bit of work already, lets hope he doesn't leave as fast as bob :P
  • @YummyRedstone was pormoted to mit, let's hope he gets demoted full mod soon :O


Winter is here, so redstoner's spawn is winter themed again! Snow for everyone! (\o/)


We're planning on switching to minecraft 1.11 on the first of January. Some of you may be sad because of that, but cheer up, the time of holidays is here!

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