October Recap!

Raid all the things!


  • @bobmandude9889 was promoted to dev, and he's done some work already :P
  • @Evanis_ was demoted for inactivity
  • @Pepich1851 was promoted to admin, and is also a staff lead now (\o/)
  • @RedSheepMC is now a full mod (\o/)
  • @Tatl_Tael is now a moderator in training, wish him luck on getting full mod!
  • and last but not least @Redempt has retired from the dev position, but is still going to stay a mod

FitMC "raids"

As you may or may not have noticed, we got "raided" by FitMC a couple of times, if you want to know more, check out this news post.

Redstoner's custom java plugins

We've done some work on our custom plugins, also called modules, you can find them on our github here, if you want to use them, you also need the loader, which you can find here. If you'd like to help out, the developer staff position is still open!

Load testing Redstoner for free

There's a (somewhat) popular YouTube streamer who (ab)uses his large number of stream viewers to raid servers, hoping to crash the servers due to the sudden bulk of players joining.


User @Ghost_Rock_ (now banned) suggested to crash

"Could you go to next? It would make my weeg if you could!"

The streamer accepted it and on 01:45 (CEST) went to our server, shortly after followed by hundreds of his viewers.

Here's a graph that shows the amount of players joining and leaving (mostly kicks) per 10 seconds:


The streamer claimed there were more than 1000 players online which was not quite true. During that time span we had 454 new users and 1528 logins by 472 distinct users, meaning a maximum of 472 (+ previously logged in users) were online at any given time.

When all the players joined, we didn't immediately know what's happening. We had previously seen this many players joining from someone botting us with large amounts of alt accounts, but all from the same IP address. We saw some 600 concurrent connections, all coming from different IP addresses but no unusual amount of traffic coming from any IP, indicating they were probably 'real' players rather than bots trying to DDoS the server.

Chat was completely filled with dozens of welcome messages per second, combined with all sorts of repeated cursing. We noticed they were saying things like "FitMC invasion" shortly after and figured where they're coming from. After few minutes Doomblah kicked all players, which didn't help all that much as they all just rejoined shortly after (this is the second, smaller spike in the graph)

Redempt came in to help and after a couple minutes disabled chat in the Spawn world (they were all just jumping around and spamming there) just before Doomblah turned on the whitelist (01:56:17, when player joins drop to zero). Eventually the streamer got disconnected, thinking the server crashed but it didn't. You can actually see the server online in the streamer's server list after he disconnected. He then moved on to another server.


  • The whole thing barely lasted 15 minutes
  • The server did not crash
  • Obviously network, CPU, and RAM usage were higher than usual but it was nowhere near the limits on our quite powerful machine.
  • This pretty much matches the definition of a DDoS attack:

    It is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door or gate to a shop or business MC server, and not letting legitimate parties enter into the shop or business MC server, disrupting normal operations

  • This kind of 'attack' is similar to 4chan's Habbo raids, except they weren't able to close the pool ;)

Below is the recorded live stream of the event in case you want to see what happened. I don't recommend watching the whole video as it's just the same thing all the time and the streamer repeating "fock yea its gunne cresh".

We also have two albums of screenshots capturing the chat.

I'd like to thank @Doomblah and @Redempt for handling the situation very well.

PS: "It would make my weeg" is now a /lol.

September Recap

We lost 'em Johnny!


  • @Flying_Machinez stepped down from his moderator position because he didn't have enough time, (we cri) We hope to see you back soon :P
  • @ReachTehComunity was demoted for inactivity
  • @minenash was promoted to moderator in training, wish him good luck on his way to demotion cough promotion!

LOL requests removed & re-added

LOL requests were temporarily disabled this month, because staff thought they were shit. We hope that that discouraged at least some of you to not post shitty lol requests.

Token bug fixed

So @SmashDoesMC found a bug when trying to register his alt on the forums and accidentally ran the /gettoken command on his main account. What happened next is that he couldn't re-run that command from his alt. If you wanna know more, look here the almighty @jomo told me that pretty much everything should be explained there. Once again thanks Smash for reporting the bug to us :P

*M͖̓͛L͍͕̣̲͙̍͛̈́G̤̉̉ ̧̙̓̒͋̄̏t̢̤͕̥ͯ̀͒e̴̘̻̰̲̬ͬ̊x̛̖͇̰̜̣͉ͤ̇̈t͚͚͎͇ͤ͆̀ ͍͔̘̭̘̖͕ͭ4̵̝̌

Crash Chests

Just a quick announcement- if a new player joins and sends you a tpahere request, DO NOT ACCEPT IT!

We have had problems with crash chests recently and would like to prevent more incidents as it has taken a long time to fix the issues with players who have been affected by this.

If you do experience this, report the player to a staff member either on the forums or via Slack (you can also Skype me)- even if you're not sure if they are an offender.



Lol requests forum temporarily removed

Due to a massive amount of dumb and/or bad requests over the past weeks, we have removed the lol requests forum until further notice, to let everything cool down a bit.

August Recap

Another month, another staff team.


  • @Pepich1851 retired from his moderator position (I cri), but has decided to stay a developer!
  • @mpolder has decided to step down from his developer position, due to not having enough time to do his job.
  • @O456 was demoted to trusted, due to his inactivity.
  • On the other hand, @RedSheepMC was promoted to mod in training, wish him good luck on getting demoted *cough* getting full mod!

Switching to Java

The admins and the dev team have made the decision to switch to Java, as it is much more compatible with the new spigot releases than PyPluginLoader, any new developers are welcome!

Minecraft 1.10

Honestly, an update to 1.10 has not been worked on for over a month. A lot of players wish to stay on 1.8 and there's little reason to update. Once we think the time is there and decide to put some more time into it, you'll be notified. Expect the update to be paired with replacing PlotMe with Parcels. We don't intend to reset the creative world as well though.

Feature Requests

No, we did not forget about the feature requests, but we are quite busy, so hang in tight, we'll deliver when we can! :P And it would be nice if someone *looks at @3daniel* could stop necroposting already in the feature requests xD

What's next?

July Recap!

This time late!

Staffy staff

Quite a bit of staff changes happened this month:

  • If you haven't noticed yet, I am now an admin (\o/);
  • @Curs3d has stepped down from dev (aww);
  • @mpolder got promoted to dev, wish him luck on his way to demotion *cough* promotion;
  • @ReachTehComunity has been promoted to MIT, but he's not currently active in-game due to technical difficulties with his computer.


We have installed ViaVersion on the server, which means that you can now join with Minecraft clients from 1.8 to 1.10.2 \o/, check out more in this news post.

Minecraft 1.10

We (mostly Dico) have made some progress on updating to 1.10, but there's still lots to go, we are still working on it and we'll keep you updated :P


You can now join with 1.8+!

Yep, as the title says, we have installed ViaVersion! You can now join with 1.8.x, 1.9.x and 1.10.x.

Beware that the server itself is still running 1.8.8 meaning that we still have the old 1.8 Minecraft mechanics and blocks/items.

ViaVersion list

Email notifications are working again

As @minenash and possibly others noticed, you didn't receive any email notifications for replies to your threads.
We'll look into a long-term solution, I've detailed the problem in the linked thread.

The problem is fixed now and everyone should be receiving notifications again. Sorry for the trouble.

PS: The same thing happened exactly a year ago.

June Recap!

This gonna be fun!


@O456 is now back in the staff team after a very long time! Nice seeing you back ;)

On the other hand, @LogalCoder has retired, sad to see you go Logal, you've helped us a lot!

Website confirmation emails

Thanks to @Futsy and @jomo's work, the confirmation emails for forum accounts can now be re-sent! (Only if you haven't confirmed it yet)

Minecraft 1.10

@Dico200 is currently working on updating the server but we are experiencing not-so-minor issues with the plugins. Long story short, it might take a while and supposedly with Microsofts new system of rolling out smaller updates more frequently, we are expecting to dip even more versions behind than we currently are.

Note worthy things is a thing again!
And some minor changes were made to the rules page
This major website bug has been fixed!