May Recap


For this month, I have the pleasure to provide you with an adequate recap post. I have some very exciting news!

Along with @Pepich1851 I went ahead and cleaned up redstoner-utils as much as possible, alongside implementing cool new features to redstoner-utils.

Notable changes

Friends module re-added

We re-added the friends module. This module allows you to specify a list of players that you consider friends.
If a friend of yours comes online, a little sound will be played and you will be notified in chat.
The general command to use the plugin is /friends.
More about this module below.

Imbusy module overhauled

I pretty much completely rewrote the imbusy module. It got some new functionality and should be free of any bugs.

Players are prevented from bothering people with busy status.
Things that are prevented include:

  • PMs
  • Replies to PMs
  • /mail send
  • Tpa requests

If a busy player PMs another, the other can reply, even with a regular PM (that's with /msg).
Any friends you specified via the Friends module will be able to 'bother' you via any of these methods when you are busy,
however, we introduced a new status - SUPER busy. If you are super busy (using /busy super), even friends cannot bother you.

Chatalias module added

This cool module allows you to create an alias for anything (without spaces) that you say in chat.

By default, it will replace ./ with /.
Examples of things you can add are:
welcome -> &2Welcome M7! ... yea idk I guess you can do that!

The alias itself can contain spaces, the replaced sequence however cannot.
If you are permitted to use colours in chat, so can you with chatalias.
The command to configure your aliases is /alias.

Serversigns module added

This took a long time, but this module was finally, after over a year of lingering in Feature Requests, deployed on the server.
So you serversigns fanatics out there, get your eyes peeled for this one.
Any sign that you place can be claimed, and the claimant will be able to add 'lines' to it.
These will be displayed in chat when you right click the sign.
There is a range of commands to be executed upon right clicks, which can also be added as lines.
This should allow for nice descriptive messages about your builds, as well as right-click TP signs (using the /tppos command).
Any commands that you can use with this plugin can be found by typing /svs commands.

A little tutorial for setting up server signs

To get started with a sign, you must claim it using /svs claim while you look at it.
You can then add lines to it using /svs add <line>. Lines can be 'accumulated' by adding a ++ to this command,
which means it will be stored and added to the front of the next line you add without ++ on the end.
All lines on the sign can be listed using /svs info.
You can reverse the order of two lines using /svs reverse <id1> <id2>, where the id is a number shown on the info page for each line.

I hope to see some very creative uses of this plugin!

New setting in BlockPlaceMods: torch

I added a new setting to the blockplacemods module - the module responsible for the /set or /toggle command.
The setting is torch. With this setting enabled, any redstone torch that you place on a redstone block will be deleted
when it turns back off. This makes for easy 1 tick pulses when you're testing, you won't have to break the torch anymore.
If you didn't use this trick already, I suggest you try it!
The setting is enabled by default, however it can be disabled using /toggle torch.

Damnspam enhancements

When you're denied pressing a button or switching a lever, the remaining time out is now displayed as well.
In addition, to remove a timeout, you can use /ds 0 (setting the timeout to 0 equals removing it).
The module now also checks any buttons or levers that would drop if you break a block.
The maximum timeout is now also 4 minutes, as opposed to the previous maximum of just 1 minute.

Saylol list pages

/lol list now uses pages. A much needed change with so many entries!

After all that

I really hope that you enjoy the additions and changes to redstoner-utils. I and some others of the dev team have invested many hours into these.
If you find any exploits or bugs at all, please report them immediately on the forums.

April recap


Nothing Special Happened! :c

Only thing I could possibly mention here is... Logal, stop crashing the server :3

useless recaps brought to you by

March recap!

This is not a joke


Redstoner is 3 Years old as of March 29!


Now full mod!

@flying_MAchinez and @LogalCoder are now full mods! Wish them all luck on their hopefully short long-lasting job!

Some bad news

I don't like to bring bad news (at least to non-staff) but there has been a major issue with logblock and world saves when the server crashed one day, reasons as to why it happened are unknown but long story short: The server managed to drop a huge amount of data (by huge I mean about 8 billion blocks) and logblock messed up when importing an old backup of rollback data, thus we were not able to recover it all, if your plot is affected by this then contact a moderator when you see them in-game and hope at least some of the data is there (small chance but you know). Sorry for the huge inconvenience.

Minecraft 1.9

I'm not going to rewrite all the things here, there is a thread about it, if you want to know what the decision so far is, read it.

February recap!

Not so special for you, but special for us


They made it!

@Pepich1851 is now a full mod! congratulate him and lets hope he stays here for a while!
@Evbo came back from the dead basically straight to his mod position! welcome back dear friend!

@flying_MAchinez has managed to become a mod in training, wish him luck! He will need it...

Demotions Retirements

@PanFritz is probably getting annoyed by being mentioned all the time lately due to the server migration, but lets just put this here for clarity :P Pan has officially retired from his behind-the-scenes admin / host-that-nobody-should-have-known-about positions. Bye Pan! o/


As you probably read in the segment above (or the past 3 blog posts...) Redstoner has migrated to a brand new server, if you want to know more about the server hardware, look here, if you want to know detailed info about the actual migration, lookie here and here.

And @Curs3d wanted me to mention it, pineapples

Server migration post mortem

We have successfully moved Redstoner to a new, more powerful server. We're talking about this beast with 8x 3.40GHz, 32GB memory, SSDs, and Gigabit network. We also have IPv6 support now.

The server does have a monthly fee which is generously donated to us by one of our players who prefers to stay anonymous. Thank you very much sponsor!
You can help them out with covering the costs by donating, all donations will go to our sponsor.

We had about 32GB of Minecraft files (mostly world data) that had to be moved at an upload speed of ~20Mbit/s. The transfer duration was estimated to be ~4 hours and we set for 5 hours during which the server would be offline. We already prepared everything for the move in the previous days, such as installing all dependencies and setting up the website, raging about utf8mb4, etc. We had a temporary server set up (as usual) and shut down the Minecraft server.

We used scp to copy the files. 32GB is a lot of data and we thought about compressing it first. There's a compression option:

Compression is desirable on modem lines and other slow connections, but will only slow down things on fast networks.

Well then, no compression; Minecraft world files are compressed anyways!

We quickly noticed this wasn't going to work out at all, maybe the large amount of files caused it to slow down by a factor of 10 compared to our estimations. The transfer was aborted and we created a tar.bz2 of our files. This took a couple minutes, but it was only 4.7GB and transfer went much faster.

Once transferred, we began extracting on the new server. This process took a while but eventually completed. Then we noticed the Minecraft data had different file sizes on the old and new servers and started investigating. This is very common due to different data structure & blocks in the underlying file systems. The odd thing was that du --bytes still reported a different size. Some time was wasted until we figured that we had different versions of du and that only the size of directories varied – not the actual files.

For the database (website, PlotMe, LoginSecurity, LogBlock, …) data we started by creating mysqldumps of each database and transferred them to the server, which only took a few minutes.

All data was imported in no time, except LogBlock. LogBlock is special...
The server was importing like crazy and processed 20,000 - 50,000 rows per second. However, with about 325,000,000 rows in total, this took about 2 hours, which was longer than we expected.

However, even that eventually completed and we did some checks to ensure the Minecraft server and all its plugins were operating as expected. Luckily this was the case. We also ensured our backups, scripts, and cron jobs were running flawlessly.

The TS3 server was moved without any problems, and we switched the domain to our new IP address. The temp server was shut off and replaced with a message of the new server IP while DNS was propagating.

At this point the Minecraft server, website, and TS3 server were fully operational again.
The total time of downtime for the Minecraft server was 6.5 hours (1.5 more than planned).
Website and TS3 were only down for a few minutes each.

You should be able to join the server as usual, if you didn't notice anything, that's great! If you feel something is odd, please report it to us.

I would like to thank @PanFritz again for previous hosting and our new server sponsor for donating this rad new machine! Consider donating!

Planned maintenance for server migration

We've been working on our new server to set everything up for the migration, as announced in the last blog post.
The only things yet to be moved are the database and the actual Minecraft server. We estimate the move to take about 5 hours due the rather large size of world files.

We will start at 19:00 UTC, you can check your local time here.

Website and TeamSpeak server should be available until the last minutes of the migration, and we will provide a temporary server as usual during maintenance.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

It bears repeating, thank you very much @PanFritz for generously hosting Redstoner for free during all this time.
This server (and thus, its community) most certainly would no longer exist if it weren't for you providing this extremely reliable service!

January recap!

Always Watching



@LogalGamer is now on his long way to mod, wish him luck!


@L0rdDrag0 has decided to stepped down, it was fun while it lasted, you helped us a lot Lerdy! Bye!

Fixed™ issues

We were experiencing some technical issues with LogBlock and weren't logging data for about 2-3 days.

For the coders/technical people here, quote from @jomo:

tl;dr: mysql index grew larger than java max integer, causing a ton of problems


We were offered a brand new server from an undisclosed™ host! @PanFritz has been hosting us the past 2.5 or so years and has done a great job, everyone give Pan a huge thank you!

What are we getting?

Newer, faster and more secure hardware!
Namely the newest and greatest Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Skylake CPU, 32 GB of RAM, two 500 GB SSDs in RAID 1 and a very nice 1 Gbps connection!

More details to come in the next blog-post either before or after we migrate the servers next week

December recap

It's over! .-.

Not much has happened to the minecraft server itself, actually nothing at all, but there are some things worth mentioning!



@Pepich1851 is now a mod in training! Wish him luck on his way to demotion being a good mod!
@KPkiller1671 has decided to come back! Welcome back to the staff team KP! :D

Bye :c

@ArhurValk has decided to step down, his interests have shifted away from minecraft, none the less it was a great time working with you Arhur!


The website is now secure™, thanks @jomo!
You can find out more information here.
A few website related bugs have also been fixed. (over myah and myah)

There is also a new rule (#9) that you should definitely check out! to the info page we go!

And mainly...


Overusing formatting may only be allowed on special occasions

Happy (Slightly Early) New Year!

2015 has been an exciting year for us all. Among other things we reached 1000 users, updated the website to https, introduced the mod in training and +developer ranks, celebrated our 2nd birthday and created a public Slack group!

Here are this year's best threads (in my opinion). Please don't necropost on them!:

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Wildz Eye

Also not forgetting all the 'story' threads. Total gold, all of them. Oh, and the A...Gamer_ and Jeg crazes.

Here's to a great 2016! Thank you @Mr_RedSheep for the awesome firework display C:

Double email bug fixed

We've long had this bug where people would get two separate emails when someone replied and mentioned them in the same reply.

We have now accepted the first pull request to this very website which fixes the double email bug. Many thanks to @Futsy for submitting it!