Email links are fixed

Yesterday we introduced https to

There was a tiny bug where links in emails looked like, which is basically trying to use https via an http connection and obviously doesn't work very well:

firefox screenshot

chrome screenshot

The issue has been fixed and links from emails should work just fine again.
Shout out to @LogalGamer who had noticed and reported the issue as well!

Other than that, I've not seen or heard of any problems and there have been more than 150 secure sessions each hour, so there don't seem to be any major issues.

Secure all the things!

Today is a good day. A few hours ago, Let's Encrypt went from closed beta to public beta, allowing us (and everyone else) to get a free SSL certificate.

secure all the things

That means you can now access via encrypted HTTPS instead of plain text HTTP!

Although Redstoner may not be the most intimate website, there are still many reasons why encryption is important, those include protecting your privacy and protecting you from hacking, censoring, or theft attacks. Did you know anyone can take over your website accounts via HTTP on a public WiFi? Of course, global surveillance is also a reason – either directly or indirectly. Anyway, you now log in (and browse) securely!

A+ Grade Security

Qualys screenshot Redstoner

See the results here.

Compare that to Google:

Qualys screenshot Google

Why am I logged out?

Sorry for that, I had to kick everyone out to make sure your insecure sessions are no longer valid. Otherwise there was a change your website account could still be taken over. That's not going to happen again, however.

Redirect to HTTPS

From now on, any attempts to connect to Redstoner via HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS, so you don't have to do anything.
We're also redirecting from subdomains (such as to to keep things simple.


We're also using HTTP Strict Transport Security so your browser will remember that redirection. It will automatically switch to HTTPS even before it tries to connect to

OCSP stapling

Yet another fancy term, meaning Online Certificate Status Protocol, allows us to revoke a (possibly updated, insecure, or compromised) certificate and adds an additional layer of security.

Subresource Integrity

We're also making use of Subresource Integrity which protects you from a compromised CDN (a website that hosts some JavaScript code for us) by comparing a checksum specified by with the actual checksum of the requested JavaScript file.

Partial encryption & Images

On some pages, your browser might warn you about 'Mixed Content'. It might be displayed as a lock with a warn icon:
Mixed Content

It simply means is fully loaded via HTTPS but some images in the forum were loaded via HTTP.

That's something we can hardly fix, but you can help by embedding images with a… or… link.

Old devices

Please note that some really old devices or browsers might not be able to access the site anymore. They have serious security flaws and should not be used anymore. Upgrade your browser, if possible.

I'll try to answer any questions in the comments below.

Monthly update #3!

It's a whole new world github repository!



@Futsy and @psrcek are now full mods! And they have already proven themselves able to fix stuff :P give them a warm welcome to the staff team!


@CyberCreeperXD has stepped down from the mod in training position due to not having enough time. Bye! :c

In-game things

From the perspective of most of you, not much has happened, but in reality quite a lot happened and a lot is going to happen...
That being a complete recode of all our custom plugins!

You can find our new github repo here

Other things worth mentioning

We hit 1500 users! \o/

Nicer domain for public-slack invites!

And lastly, about a week ago I managed to find an old video I for some reason recorded and it just so happens at the date of posting this, its exactly one year old
nostalgia much ._.
+1 to you if you see yourself in the video!

Splash Potions

Due to recent problems involving people abusing illegal "Ban Potions", and then using free VPNs and free MC accounts to evade bans, we've decided that the only viable solution is to remove splash potion effects for any non-staff users. If you continue to have issues with the aforementioned abusers, please report them. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks.

Monthly update #2!

All our plugins are Tested™ for stability and reliability!



  • @L0rdDrag0 is now full mod! \o/ And this time thats sadly all we got on the happy side of things...

The always sad goodbye

  • @bayes32, @MorganEarlJones, @Nyxis, @MathewST and @Codex_Creeper have all stepped down from the mod in training position, mainly for lack of time.
  • @Evanis_ and @MisaXage have retired from their long-time mod position, all I can say is they did a lot, and deserve a big thanks for helping the server get to where we are now! (@Evanis_ has also retired from his position as a developer)

In-game changes


is a new alias for /p i
//delete is now an alias for //set air for the worldedit people that wanted it ;)
and of course /colours is an alias for /einfo c for our British English speaking members c:
last but not least, our Linux users get /ls as an alias for /list



Simple enough, look at either a chest, dispenser/dropper, hopper or a furnace and type /signalstrength <number> or /ss <number> and a corresponding amount of items will be put into the inventory so that a comparator read-out will give you a redstone signal strength of the number you specified in the command!

Idea for this plugin comes from @Armadillo28.


You can now set aliases for words that you say, for example adding allWorks -> ErrorsEverywhere will automatically replace every phrase allWorks that you send in chat with ErrorsEverywhere! Do /alias for more info!

ErrorsEverywhere... totally not hinting anything...


A handy plugin to notify others that you're busy doing something! /busy for more info.


Existing plugins that have changed a bit


It now ignores lower and upper case letters! Up until now you had to specifically give it 0xffff for it to convert the hexadecimal value into decimal, now 0xFFFF works and also 0xFfFf works :P


/warn and /warnp now supports permission systems, thus it will be removed from lower ranks than builder.

Tag and Punishments

Although this information is for staff members only, Tag now supports offline players and listing all punished players will print a list of usernames instead of UUIDs

Also big thanks to @Hardfg5000 for helping me test plugins!

Server is back up

Earlier today we encountered an issue with a corrupted chunk in the plot world, and as a consequence the server was down for an hour or so. The problem has been resolved and the server is now back up (yay!). Sorry for any inconvenience.

Monthly update!

This time (well it is the first time..) It's just staff changes, mostly.



  • @Nyxis has been promoted to mods in training, wish them good luck on their way to mod!
  • @ViperLordX on the other hand, has been promoted to full mod after showing very good knowledge of our plugins and mod things in general!
  • And finally @HackerAttacker is our new mod lead and has been doing his job perfectly.

Bye :C

  • @KPkiller1671 has resigned from mod position, it was definitely worth having you here!


We got quite a few new developers! Give a warming welcome in the dev-team to @Pepich1851, @Curs3d and @Evanis_!

In-game changes

Quite a lot has changed but everything has been covered in this big update, these rule changes with the only new addition being /colors as an alias to /einfo c.

Rules update

As a lot of people seem to like saying "It's not in the rules," I have made minor changes to the rules. It now clearly states that just because it's not in the rules doesn't mean it's not punishable. Even if you've already read the rules, please take the time to skim over the changes. These are not rules which are going to be enforced starting now, but rules which have always been enforced but were never written out directly. A good rule of thumb, as now posted in the rules, is that if it doesn't make sense for it to be allowed, it's probably not allowed.

Redstoner's GeoIP Maps

Obviously this is not 100% accurate... IPs change often, regular IP traces can not lead to an exact location, and many people use VPNs.

Using big data provided by Pan, I have made a few maps of the world with the approximate location of users, marked by IP data.

Enjoy and peruse, I hope you find these somewhat interesting.

Standard map of registered users on (≈1.3k)
Clustered map of registered users on (≈1.3k)

Clustered map from the server (≈11.3k)

Attention! Planned downtime!

All of our services will be offline today September the 14th from approximately 17:00 to 19:00 CET due to necessary maintenance by the electricity company.