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What… @ABritishGamer @ABritishGamer


Was that a macro fail ??? INNER VOICE: duhhhhh

What are the chances. ultralow.ultrahigh.ultrahigh.kindahigh

Thanks for revealing my ip, now people can DDoS me! :D

Sensei I need help xD Sensei please :p

Where do those server logs come from?
@_Pyra ’s server.
soz if i freaked u out by thinkin i hackd in2 redstoner console :P
Off topic rant: DOSing the server is so easy. Quite sad actually. They should get attack protection or something. :P
@_Pyra what is your server IP?
I’m not allowed to advertise, so I think I’ll mail you in-game when I get the chance? I dunno…
OK thanks :)