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If your a mac user, quick question. Is it just me or is single player minecraft on mac really glitchy and laggy. Is anybody else having the same problem?
Well, I usually play on Linux but when I borrowed my Dad’s Mac recently to test some stuff it was fine. If you have trouble with lag, try OptiFine or put down your render distance/fps

It may just be me. I have an old model and have upgraded it probably a bit to far. Thanks anyway

And thank you ABritishGamer for your response ingame

I was using my mac for ~ 4 - 5 years-

When you don’t run more than 10 applications in the background, it should be fine. Mine was from mid-2007 (so not the fastest). Try to decrease your render distance, if that doesn’t help. Otherwise I would consider using OptiFine.

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Ok then

Thanks everyone

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