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Code by lilneo

Write a program that calls functions Roof(), Base (), and Walk() to display:

              / \
                         /   \
                        /____ \
                       |      |
#include <iostream>

#define my using
#define house namespace
#define wins std
#define is {
#define a }
#define MAGIC void
#define COOL int
#define iwin ;
#define besthouse cin.get()
#define best cout<<
#define roof "  / \\ \n /   \\ \n/_____\\ \n"
#define base "|     |\n|_____|\n"
#define walk "**************\n"
#define ever return

                    house   wins
                iwin    MAGIC   Roof() is   
            best    roof    iwin    a   MAGIC
        Base()                      is 
        best                        base 
        iwin                        a 
        MAGIC                       Walk() 
        is                      best 
        walk                        iwin 
        a                       COOL 
        main() is Roof() iwin Base() iwin Walk() iwin besthouse iwin ever 0 iwin a

Here is my best programming ever!
[insert programming joke here]

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This will be the new 9gag.

Haha nice thread @PanFritz XD

I had a few months of youtube sucking and it buffered alot of it very very fast. then stopped buffering all together and it was so fucking frustrating -.-

Pan... Youtube sucking on dat buffer dick.
ooooooo 720 noscoped MLG MLGPRO


Would have been funnier with this picture weed

image Fd2uqqc

image esSzcOF

image Udfbq7g

image oIXWwU1

image WrTEuxQ

image 2n0XLQd

image lIAX1TS

image 4VhQp8C

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image FD8tKMD

image eComSPB

image zo4503i

image ZYBpYBJ

image 3wZKjhZ

image QAoAbTj

image 5VGZhUW

jomo: fixed images for you

@PyjamaL1ama I had nuffin else to do, my videos were uploading.

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