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What’s the difference between a recourse pack and a texture pack? _ ==SquidneyBean==

@SquidneyBean you sir are either a total moron or new to minecraft.

Texture pack is the old name of the now known ressource pack. A texture pack has only 1 image for all the block textures in the game, terrain.png. A ressource pack has individual image for every texture in the game, and supports custom music and sound effects.

First yawp its *resource pack

A texture pack allows you to only change the actual textures of blocks and guis etc

A resource pack allows youto not only edit the textures but animate them too, as well as add more than one texture to a block. You can edit sounds but thats pretty boring. Also you can edit block models, if i want stone to have the block model of an anvil, bam done. And lastly you can add/change the language files.

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Thx gals and nice recourse pack Doomblah!