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I recently got into making my own custom banners. Here are some examples: The official ArhurValk banner Arhurbanner The Derpy chicken banner chicken @ABritishGamer_ banner AbritV1 **** Wither banner Wither **** Derpy smiley banner Derp **** Sunset over an ocean Sunset **** Sunset over land Sunset2 **** Sunset on a hill Sunset3 **** :D :D **** Japanese window Japanesewindow **** More banners coming soon! Also, if you have some banner designs that you want to share, make a picture of it, and reply here, with a link to the picture.
That wither banner is pretty dank, I must say.
Thanks! :D
Wow these are awesome! It must take ages, but am I worthy of one please? @ArhurValk