Make Your Own One Command Creations!

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i’ve made a Website where anyone can make their own one command creations!

How it Works: the way it works is by having a text area where you can put in your input commands (to separate commands use Enter) and when you hit “Generate” it will make an output command below it!

How Spawning Works: The way each command is activated is through command blocks that will be then put into your world. Each command (inside a command block) is on top of the previous line’s command (also inside a command block) so if you are trying to interact with the world using relative coordinates you will need to minus 1 on the Y axis for the second command, minus 2 on the Y axis for the 3rd, minus 3 on the Y axis for the 4th and so on.

I’m confused please give me an example
@jomo ah cool thnx! ;) and @SquidneyBean this is an example ;)
No I ment show me a picture or something of what to do with it eg what to type in for the input!?
@SquidneyBean i explained everything in the thread post, read it and then tell me whats wrong
This, is awesome :D Will definetly be usefull in the future ;)
Input commands Is where youlost me
@SquidneyBean the input commands are the commands you want to be turned into 1 command and thnx @ArhurValk :D
Just type in like 2 commands for me to try please!?

@SquidneyBean i’ve already said

@SquidneyBean this is an example ;)

there are input commands in the pastebin which is in the youtube link there. Why would you need me to think of 2 commands anyways? are you that lazy??

What so like /summon Creeper and /setblock Sand ~ ~1 ~????
@SquidneyBean yes except with the setblock one it will set one of the command blocks that are falling down so add 1 to the Z