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Thought I’d make a thread to post all regexes missing from answerbot. Post your pics/words/sentences here. This is not a discussion. Some replies might be removed due to redundancy or sentences that actually shouldn’t be catched.

AnswerBot only applies to players below builder rank. It contains a ton of simple questions that are catched by regexes, if a question is found the message is cancelled and the user is directed to the info page. I moved this thread from the staff forums. If you see someone asking a question that should be straight forward or on the info page, please post a picture of it here.


Not sure this one is already added:


It seems we need to add abot to msgs.


I think we can move this to a public forum?

Sure! I’ll do it :D

Hmm… well we can make it only check certain regexes right?

Who is owner Is [name] owner How do I reset my plot How do I become [rank] What rank am I What is [plugin] What is the website address (this could take you to the home page) How do I join survival What should I build. (I will make a thread that you can link this to. It will have a list of good ideas. Just ask me) What is the ranking system Under member rank asking for survival Can I be a [rank] Do you have a mall/shop. (Just make an auto reply that will msg back “no”) Is [hack or resource pack(xray)] allowed

Here is a few. :)

@gamepatrol502 I think it was written in a way that checks the words and the order of them, for example: The plugin will check for the words: i, be / get, op / any other rank. So if the player writes: " i wanna be trusted." The bot will answer.
lol its annoying sometimes tho

Image borked

i guess just website questions in general should give you a link to the page

What is wrong with everyone they can just go on the website. Nobody wants the chat fludding with answers, Answer Bot must be fixed if it isn’t already.
:) cuz theyre too stupid to find the damn website. Please make sure ppl actually know what the website iz