Dico, Sidney, or Yop, I have a question

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Hey I have a question!

How fast does your superfast new 5x5 close? ;)

@Dico200 @Sidney @yop_tropix

You’re welcome Cookie :P

@CookieRedstone 9.5 ticks apparently. I’d like to point out it is not new at all. It has been designed about a week after the 7x7 was done.
Thank you! ;)
I remember 9 ticks.
@Dico200 how fast have you got your 3x3 down to now?

@Dico200 I remember 9 ticks too, apparently it was 9.5 though.

@burgerbrains 1.5 ticks if I recall correctly.

I made a 1.5 tick 3x3 a month before I uploaded the 1.5 tick 4x4. I didn’t bother to show it off.
How Can u you get half a tick? The slowest a repeater will go is 1 tick
@burgerbrains omfg, why are you even asking how fast he got it if you don’t even know how to get a 1.5 tick delay.
Using pistons, just so you know.
So you cut off the signal at the length you want with a piston. Ok
No, u use the piston retraction speed
Got it.
pmsl sorry necropost…. but come on @ArhurValk won the internet today D: