Mining Upgrades For Vanilla Survival!

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I’ve made a vanilla creation that adds an upgradeable pickaxe to the game! The upgrades that i have made are a 3x3x3 upgrade which will, instead of mine out the normal 1 block, it can mine out a 3x3x3 chunk. The second upgrade is a haste upgrade which will make you mine alot faster!

For more information on how it works and how you can get it click me :D

Awesome Eni! :D
thnx @ArhurValk ;D
Is it with command blocks? If it is then is pretty easy.
@M0dii ofc it is and the actual commands aren’t too easy to make but also thinking of the stuff/how to do it was also not too easy :P
Congratz eni!
ty @djbwx :)
Wow nice @eniallator :D