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special for you Dico :D pic


Better drawing than me @Rickvdwerf ! I suck :C

Jesus christ, no insult meant, but how old are you? And you really have time to draw Dico’s Minecraft skin? Jesus, that’s sad, honnestly.

No insult meant, but offensive comment.

@yop_tropix don’t be so mean… not everyone is an amazing and skilled artist. I think it’s nice that he took the time to draw Dico as a friendly gesture. Sometimes it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself.

Fan art is always cool to see. I cant imagine being someone people make fan art of, but it still seems nice
Lol cool but u forgot the red dots in my hair ;D Still awesum
@yop_tropix an example of the reason you were demoted. Wtf man.
@Doomblah I once tried to draw some of the staff but I binned it cus I suck.
@Rickvdwerf Amazing Picture :DDDD
Guyz dont judge yop, i guess everyone has his own opponions, i just like to draw friends and i consider dico as a friend, and if you dont like that… Its completely fine. I liked to draw it and im happy about it.
I hate people like you @yop_tropix. Everyone does different things that is fun for them. like dico said that’s a reason why your demoted! So rude
@rickvdwerf Nice job mate.. You can draw better than me :D
@KILLAGIB4 you’re moderator?
He is now
Yup :D
Congratz @KILLAGIB4!!!
I like how the noticed that in my post xD (yehyehyeh late reaction ssst)