Spawn challange.

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So I have decided to attempt a new spawn for the server and I have a challenge for all you guys. So the spawn is a Wood/stone spawn and I would like to have some building in it. So I have decided to ask you guys to build your best detailed wood/stone based building/house. It can be Medieval style or just any old wood/stone house. After a while Me and a few other staff member will decide who’s buildings will fit the spawn and we will add them in. If you want me to check your house out leave a comment below telling me where it is or when you see me in the game ask me to check it out. (Please do not spam any of the staff members! We will see it when we have time!)

Note: The spawn I am building may or may not become the next redstoner spawn. If I ask to use your building please do not ask me when this spawn is going up because there is a chance it wont become the new spawn at all!

I can help with landscaping if you nerd it ;3