What would you add to Minecraft?

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What features would you add to Minecraft to make it more fun for you?
  • Useable enderpearls in creative mode
  • Splash milk potion
  • Redstone wire that can go down a block but not up (opposite of half slab)
  • extra option in blockstate files detection of similar blocks around a block (similar to fences) but for any block eg stone/gravel. Essentially its complicated block management within resource packs for more complex stuff
  • allow any block to have a transparent texture like ice, slime blocks, and stained glass. But mostly for glass
  • more underwater mobs
A 5 ticks repeater… And slabs/stairs for every blocks
5 tick repeater! And maybe Pandas, they’re so cute in minecraft!
Some sort of birds? That’s be awesome! Maybe something rideable :3
I very liked the 5 tick repeater idea.
I really want that Blue Stone and Blue slime blocks. Also those directional Redstone blocks. If you don’t know what that is just YouTube it :p
Colored redstone lamps. :P ComputerCraft. nuff' said
5 tick repeaters, no duration repeaters (so that you don’t have to place like 5 repeaters to carry the one tick pulse, when you don’t have space for it)
@Nyxis so with this no duration repeater you mean like a monostable or else your explanation doesn’t make sense. I mean no duration repeater I just think of a instant repeater or diode.
So say i need a 1 tick pulse with a 5 tick delay. Normally if you have a 4 tick and a one tick, the pulse would turn out to be 4 ticks. So what i meant was that this repeater keeps the duration, which is one tick, and it only modifies the delay.

id definitely want to add a Swiss cheese burger with a side of plastic hippos. eating it boosts your speed and decreases all damage to 0% for 7,000,000 G hours

on another note, i think bluestone would be cool where it functions like redstone but can be placed next to redstonr without connecting to it. it would be cool, but it would kind of change redstone like a crud ton. so maybe not.

i also like the idea of a four sided piston. each time it receives a signal, a new side actives. 1st side then 2nd then 3rd and so on. that or a two sided piston or something. idk anymore.

I’m so tired. good night beautiful people of the Internet.

good night beautiful people of the Internet.

I am not beautiful. I am depressing.

Indeed. You are. So am I. I’m not rocking in a corner rethinking my life choices. Ha ha. Funny. Cough.
I’d like to see a 1x1x1 updater block :p

that’s so funny: I was literally going to say a 1x1x1 updated block as well!!

a programmable piston. maybe double sided or quad sided. you can toggle which piston side you want to respond to signals or not etc.

We need @Dinnerbone in this forum xD
Redstone wiring vertically. (Perpendicular to the ground).