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A showcase of Deeedo’s Idiocy.

“Once Upon A Time, (like 30 minutes ago), Deeedo’s brain decided to fart and he randomly typed /wb.

Obviously, the server replied with “You don’t have permissions to use that command.”

Deeedo was stunned that he couldn’t simply greet a fellow redstoner by typing /wb !

And then, Deeedo face palmed realizing he had typed /wb instead of wb.

But then! DOUBLE WAMMY!! It hid Deeedo again as he bellowed with laughter: “Why the devil did I just type /wb and then wb WHEN NO ONE HAD EVEN FREAKING JOINED THE SERVER.”

But folks, as this story closes, the killer line is that this exact thing has happened to poor Deeedo before. His brain really screwed up hard.

#TrueStory #DeeedoFailed2k15

Deedo the fail Doom the derp
Get more sleep xD
aaaaaand that I did! I’m rested now.
Gj, gg, gz. :D

@Nyxis what the devil is gz? God Zilla? -_-

for real tho. lele. good zebras?

It means conGratZ.
Congratulations Congrats Grats Gratz Gz

∆the evolution of gz∆

Brought to you by doom the derp.

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