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Do you or do you know someone who had the most time spent online at once? Leave your records in the replies!!!

This server has many people who love to play on it for long periods of time (apparently). Doing /seen while these players are still online, you can see how long they have been online in one log-in. I am here to find the longest times, just to see who is the most devoted to the server (and to see who has the strongest fans in their computer .-.)

Rules for a post:

You must leave the following info: The Player Name The Date Of When It Was Noted (Time optional) How long they were online (Seconds Optional) Evidence that it actually occured

Leave both who did at and the date of when it occured.

Current Record:

Player: tito Time: 1 day (apparently) Date Posted: 6/29/15

Player: Dico200 Time: 15 hours Date: last month
Nitryx you need evidence, read the rules. I only didn’t provide evidence because I felt I didn’t need to coz I’m the thread creator >:D
Pffft dico easily most of the times when he is on goes for an afk spree of >10 hours… So this record is no difference. :P also i’m not next to my computer right now… But i probably can find it…
i’ve seen people take screenshots of 1day+ My personal record is 6ish hours
Yeah @nalaek2004 was afk for over a day once.
Pfft its easy to go afk for hours, its difficult to spent that much time online and active. for example my 6 hours was like 98% active with a few couple minute afk breaks

I was on for 5+7 hours once, but I didnt do /msg right and got kicked :/


ik pj :)