The Start Of Something Big (Hopefully)

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I feel slimeblocks are underappreciated for what they can really do. I mean, we’ve seen people like CubeHamster do INSANE things with slimeblocks, and unleash their true potential, but maybe what keeps us away from things like that are how large and complicated they look. So, I wanted to show you something that I did with them. Although it isn’t as complicated as some of CubeHamster’s creations, it seems to be a build that allows people to see the power of slimeblocks and understand what principles are at work within the machine. The results…

My B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Image 1: Above The Bomber link Image 2: In The Cockpit link Image 3: Bomber’s Nuke Exploding, Only 5 TNT Minecarts link

Sadly, I could only put in redstone torch controls, and not the fancy flint and steel triggers as I was limited on space. Also, the flint and steel update triggers are a bit complicated, and add to that “really confusing and complex” feeling. Personally, I hope builds like this will inspire more people to start trying out and learning about the true powers of slimeblocks, without them having that “really confusing and complex” feeling.

WOAH Nice Job!!! However it really isn’t a Stealth bomber since pistons are Noisy :P Sorry for being a critic. Anyway Good job
I know that it isn’t very quiet, but hopefully it can fly high enough up that you can’t hear the pistons, but the tnt minecarts explode when they hi the ground. Also, if you have seen Koala_Steamed’s missile defence system (link) you’ll know that that system works as a block passes over the daylight sensor, telling the system that there is something above it, causing it to fire. The nose of this thing can be extended quite a bit (link) and if you have the nose extended like this, then the long nose will trigger the missile launcher, and the nose will get blown up and not the main ship with the nuke, and you would only sustain minimal damage. If there were multiple rows of missile launchers, just extend the nose longer.
I’m actually starting work on a bigger version. This one should have flint and steel controls for the engine and the nukes. Yes, I said nukes, as I will hopefully be adding a second one. Also, the nuke bays will be modified, as currently the ship only flies on one axis due to default rail orientations. Basically, it will be a more complicated version of this.
very well done. good job! I’ve never been good with slime engines