The Struggle Is Real

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Ok, maybe you or a friend have done a really hard redstone project. Maybe it was a 3x3 hipster door, or a 2x2 glass hipster door, or a hidden staircase. I’m pretty sure that would be hard, but this project would make you go insane. Despite me being able to create this, I still suck at regular redstone.

So, in my last post I mentioned that I almost had the layout done. I thought that I was almost done, but then I had to install the engine.

First off, I really suck at slimeblock start/stop engines, so I stole the one that Cubehamster’s colossus used. Then I had to connect everything to it.

I used MCEdit to clone the engine module, and did some testing. link

However, I did get the motor in, and this is the final result for the basic layout. link


I’m like wut. I can’t build even a single tiny engine. I kind of want to get familiar with the behaviors of engines and how they work etc. good job so far bro

The motor seams complicated at first, but in reality it’s pretty simple. If you want to get into stuff like this, Cubehamster has 3 videos called the ultimate slimeblock tutorial. The series seems to be discontinued, but what he did record is really helpful for getting into slimeblocks. It explains engines, some useful piston mechanics, and moveable triggers.

Also, I’m going to do a full explanation when I show the final product. You might want to read that.