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Hey! I recently created a new concept: redstone bananas. Don’t ask.

If you want to create your own version or variation please ==COMMENT ON THIS THREAD== so I can add you to the plot.

If you want to see the current collection, go to my 6th plot :D

…. why not? xD


I wanna build a bannnana too!


I wanna build redstone bananas!!




30 Oct 2015 15:47:09 GMT
Banananers? Sounds cool!
Necropost much, but ==ADDED==.
Banananana! :o
3rd plot please
hmm I want a big banana doar c:
Same @CookieRedstone :D
do I have to ask for permission too? c:

You can go ahead Dico, just put a sign on your builds. Could you also do me a favour and look at fixing some of the broken ones? C:

It’s nice to see this coming back as I think it’s quite a shame it died.

@PyjamaL1ama borken *
@CookieRedstone I was going to write that but I wasn’t sure if Dico would get it or just think I made a typo :P

Grammar with Cookie:

brek, borke, borken

And now back to topic I guess



2 Nov 2015 04:20:00 GMT
.o/ I wanna maiek banana stuff!
Meeeeee! I wanah bult wit u c: !!
I asked PJ in game to be added.
I’ll do this later when I get home from school and log on c: Oh, and everyone so far except Hardfg and Sheep are added.
@CookieRedstone just shut up please it’s broken*
Don’t necropost please. :p
@K0alaCraft Not in Cookie Grammar :) And yeah, Barry was kinda right. There was no need to say that :P
I know @PyjamaL1ama :P He has some weird grammar Sorry for that.