Watch Out, You May Need A New Boat

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So, recently I tried building a redstone computer. Nyxis told me to stick to bombers, so I went into my testing world and made this. The demonstration shows it on land, but it functions underwater, and the tnt will explode above the water.


Lol wut you have to place that piston each time
I’m sure there is a way to make it so you don’t have to place each piston also I don’t think the tnt would go so high under water. I think there is resistance.
Maybe there is water resistance. But even if there is, that would be somewhat good, as I could compact the worms in the back, and make it launch with less delay. Also, the reason I place the piston is because I don’t have an engine connected to it. Like I said, it needs a fairly slow engine.
kewwwlll111one!! Also i am really curious since you love slimeys, how you would make a cpu out of it.