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So I need people to help me make a way to have PlotMe in vanilla minecraft. Reply if you’re interested also leave idea how this can be possible! My skype is justanjap
So like command blocks? Ooh that actualy sounds like a fun challenge
Sure, I could help
@eniallator wink wink
Can i help? i have a bunch of ideas and whatnot already. Please
Can I haplz? I think I got an idea for that
@Pandoh ill see what i can do but theres no real way to prevent people from placing blocks outside of their plot. i could imagine someone could do something along the lines of tping an armour stand to players that aren’t in their plot to obstruct them placing blocks but that just wouldn’t work because things like piston clocks/flying machines :P
xD, well @eni you could run a high speed clock to remove the blocks from the walls of their plots, but then again all the lag…

Eni I was thinking about that and I was thinking that we would let them build outside their plots, but they can’t reach to another with a plot border. So this allows two nice things. You can make your plot border nicer and that, or you can just have a clock reseting the plot borders if that is what @ScarredRedstone (Nitryx)was talking about. @eniallator

Edit: I like the second idea since it removes all piston worms and basically won’t allow piston pushing, but not sure about lag. Could be like 1 time a second since I’m going with either a 7 long plot border. Also piston pushing won’t go through if we put obby in between the plot borders! Then ofc tnt and all bad entities we just do /kill @e[type=all dat sheet!] Then in plot borders we will do /kill @e[type=!Player]

the way i see this being possible is with entities and basically when generating the plots theres an issue. so we can either have command blocks under the plot to get things ready or (and heres the issue) do it solely with entities and then the problem with that is that if an entity is trying to duplicate the plot in all 4 directions then once the first cycle is done then the second cycle will try to spawn entities where twice in the same spot and then the 3rd will try to do 3 etc - ill make it clearer below where it starts from the top left. now for the Tnt we can still have it but just before the fuse goes to 0 we have the largeexplosion particle go off with the sound and then kill the entity. and for the rest we can just execute at the plot entity.

1 | 1 | 1 | 1 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 1 | 3 | 6 | 10 1 | 4 | 10| 20the numbers are the number of entities there are in each plot

in conclusion this would take an insane computer to process everything.

@eniallator [​yt:dc4EVJo5pf0] So yes command blocks under the plot, but I was thinking having a scoreboard delay for its generation on each plot so that way we don’t destroy the server :P and cause a lot of lag
Pandoh’s right :P doing these stuff will make the server crash just with 3 players. Imagine what will happen if 40 players will be online…
How about you make it so that people only have gamemode 1 when their in their plot or a plot their added to, and gamemode 2 the rest of the time
Lol, great idea
@Doomblah That was my idea but instead I was thinking gm 3, but a extra random thing is a armour stand teleported to them all the time in gm 3 so people know they are there
@Doomblah that doesn’t stop things like cobble generators/lava and water pooring down to make a mountain of cobble and also things like flying machines
For those problem, I’d fill the non-plot area with blocks 36 (it’s transparent and you can travel through)
well how about a testfor blocks command on all the walls, if a block appears then it fills it with air
@Doomblah I think vals idea is a lot less server intensive
Trying to think of how to do plot claiming. Definitely something with a entity and it the plot size relative to it.
Do we have a server to work on yet?