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I'd like to see who's online without having to launch Minecraft and login to the server. It would be amazing to see who's online just by going to this website, preferably on the site's Home page.

This code to do this is here:

It will need some tinkering, but the base code is all there. I'm sure you code monkeys will be able to figure it out.

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Could actually be a cool feature, could eliminate the problem of someone asking "Has [some person] been online lately?" (even though they could use /seen) as well. But it also lets people see if someone is online that they need to talk too, but don't need all the fuzz of going in game and the process of that,

Another cool thing would be having something similar to /seen on people's profiles, for example having it say something like "This person has been online/offline for [amount of time] hours/minutes/seconds" pretty sure we (probably jomo) can make an efficient version with this API ? :D I'm not that good with html but when I'm coding small snippets like these I always like to do it myself, dunno about jomo!

+10 / 5 - 3 + 20 x 4(5) - 4x = 30

in other words,



402 - 4x = 30
x = 93


@Dico200 HAHA imma solve it real quick and see

x = 117.5

..... that's what I got. but I did some of that in my head it's probably wrong.


Dico I got 92.25 :c

10/5 - 3 + 20 * 4(5) - 4x = 30
2 - 3 + 20 * 20 - 4x = 30
-1 + 400 - 4x = 30
399 - 4x = 30
399 = 4x + 30
369 = 4x
92.25 = x

+92.25 ?

wtf is I doing

so its 93 minus 3/4 = 92.25 indeed c:

"Best Thread Gone Off Topic" AWARD GOES TOOO

@jomo well he said he'd like to be able to see who is online, not how many people. So you could probably add a list of players ^^

Oh, you can't retrieve the online players from that API.

yea what you said

Seriously it's been 6 mouths from the last productive message.

Bumping makes Logal work though, apparently.

Logal you are completely right, it is a server status checker that checks if the server is running or not :P

but I do not think it is used...

but with a little bit of tweaking we can get it to check if the server is running right?

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+1, I sometimes want to know what players are on when I'm not on. If it can show ranks as well, It'll be better

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