Wow, I Never Thought This Would See The Light Of Day

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So, recently I was doing some recording for my 15 sub special. I needed to clean out my recording folder however, and in the process found this funny fail.

Here is how the story goes. Originally, I wanted to show myself doing a stealth bombing raid on a villagers house, as there was a hidden weapon cache in the house. I didn’t have any video editors at the time, so I had to record it all in 1 take (as well as starting the recording the instant I started the song, which was hard), and any mess-ups would mean I had to restart the recording. While I was loading the bomber, I accidently placed 2 tnt minecarts too fast, and one of then rolled back a bit, and didn’t fall directly into the bomb bay. However, before it could go into the bomb bay, I placed another one, and the two tnt minecarts collided and exploded.

Here is the clip I found. [yt:TL7RXKyDW7g]

Well gg xD
Lmao gg
I remember myself laughing so hard at this and thinking “Maybe I’ll upload this to Youtube someday.”