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Hello everybody, i started to create a RedstonerMod. This is the first mob i added


Who knows who is it?

Edit: Finally, I textured in right

![Screenshot] (

Edit2: I created a video


Edit3: I added Dico200 to the mod, i added Gapbrick to the mod, and i added a buggy particle to the armor


![Screenshot] (

Edit4: [Download] ( It’s need 1.7.10. Just put in the mods folder.

This mod is awesome!

Can’t wait to see a full version!

And i’m inside, so the mod is AWESOME :D
Exactly how many redstoners are you putting in it? xD
For bela : &e ♫♩♪ ♫ Maybe Black Misa. That Was a Joke. Haha. That Chance ♫♪ ♬
Can you make an actual panda? and add bamboo in it perhaps a biome, panda meat and make them be able to be your pets. :)

lol thats awesome!

Can you make an actual panda and what came after tat

that might be a little bit hard to do? xD

Cani be in it to? :P Nice work :D
you probably used mcreator, its a really fun idea and i would love to see more of it but its sad mcreator doesnt add any kind of sounds
it’s can add sounds too
yeah but mcreator doesnt fully support it because the sounds dont work