Architecture/Landscaping - Who does it?

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Just from curiosity, who of you consider yourselves good builders? And I’m not talking about redstone building, I’m talking about aesthetic building, like housing and landscapes. Who of you consider yourselves good at that? I’d like to see some other builders on here. (houses purely out of wooden planks do not count)
I’m good at landscaping, @PhantomRedstoner is good at both; he was the main builder in the project.
I s*ck at these thing, I just can’t make it look nice! :(
I really wanna be good at it, any suggestions on where to start? :P
Meh… I try
@Evanis_ they grow so quick!
I’m….. OK I guess? At least I consider myself good enough to make a CTM (Complete the monument) map. Yes, I know it will take forever.