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If you're leaving READ THIS - I'm leaving thread. Reverse Replies

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OK, I've seen a lot of people have been leaving the server recently, that's fine, but It's just been getting too spammy recently, so I've made a thread for those who are leaving. Post your leaving replies and sadness etc in this thread to help prevent spam. Thank you.

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I haven't been very active for a long time, so I am going to make it official and say that I am leaving the server. I may or may not return at some point, but at the moment, I don't feel any motivation whatsoever. Thanks for all the good times from everyone. (I'd make a list of everyone I've been friends with and give a short message to each of them but honestly that's just so much work lmao)

thanks for everything @Yummy_ <3 hopefully i can talk to you again soon

bye @Yummy_ (I'd make a long reply but that's too much work lmao)

Bye @Yummy_ <3

Yeah me too, i'll check in now and then

Goodbye @Yummy_, hope to see you again sometime!

Also, thank you for giving me builder and trusted. <3

Ayy cya Yummy, hope u have a good time in / out of games.

Well guys it's time to say goodbye. I have loved the community on this server, and i am kinda sad but yea i am not really interested in minecraft anymore, so that why you probably haven't seen me online a lot recently. So first off i would like to say thanks to these dickheads: @Max343, @CookieRedstone, @Pepich1851, @LogalDeveloper, @PyjamaL1ama, @D0an, @psrcek(where did that guy go dafuq) and i probably missed a few. I would like to say thanks @z0985z for helping me back in 2015 when i joined, to learn some basic stuff cuz when i joined the server i literally just knew that redstone has 2 states on and off. I loved the time i have spent on the server(i think it was like ~1 month) so yea. I will probably check the forums once in a while and join the server to chat. Cya peeperinios. fking emotional

Thanks dikhead

Was nice having very dank chats with you

@WebyRedstone Oh man, that's a shame! I hope we'll see you around here now and again.

Ik its a bit late but it's sad to see you go, @WebyRedstone, you were one of the few who kept me company as i was always alone back then...

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