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After 9 years of Development, hopefully it’s worth the weight ;)

There is the full list of lols: 0. wat is bynarie? 0. I made a 1 tick OR gate! 0. I had my muke mited the entire time! 0. Wat ave you done ere! 0. I aspire to be as grammer as you! 0. you’re doing it wrogn! 0. It smells like someone sneezed! 0. NEVER EAT SHREDDED WHEAT! 0. that’s not funneh 0. do you even elevator? 0. half empty or half full? 0. ERMAGAWD! is that disco?! :o 0. stop. hammertime. 0. made by redstone_sheep! 0. roses are red, violets are blue, i have a gun, get in the van. 0. i like turtles. 0. blargh 0. Algorythm! Best rythm ever! 0. Who is binary? 0. Derp! 0. the pie is a truth! 0. have you tried turning it off and on again? 0. you borke it! 0. you don’t even dicoder! 0. because racecar! 0. Hikkup!… Hikkup! 0. I’m not even angry 0. connected with a potato using MineFood 0. Never gonna give you up! 0. May death rain upon them 0. itz Dico! :o 0. .o/ 0. I have more ram than a flock of sheep! 0. ain’t nobody got time for that? 0. my dog is on the roof! 0. ‘#swaghetti #yolonaise’ 0. Letz Shear Redstone Sheep! 0. bannanaboats! 0. OMG WHO THE HELL CARS! 0. BAM! that’s the bam. 0. nice banana, bannana! 0. There’s something in your face! 0. it was paaaiin! 0. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!! 0. There’s a snake in my boot 0. no, this is Patrick 0. ‘[pointless button]’ 0. Bazinga!!!!!! 0. SayLol is on ! 0. Pigglys Dad Is a RAIL 0. Hey apple! - WHAT? - knife. 0. &dFloyd! 0. Looks like somone farted! 0. don’t be a dico! 0. iTouch kids! 0. /lolwut 0. pistatoens! 0. IKR 0. RTFM!! 0. It’s a kind of magic 0. Captain Obvious srikes again! 0. I made a JebExtender! 0. I made a Lock-O-Stable! 0. What is the charge?! 0. Doggie afuera! 0. DOOM THE DERP! 0. Gunder shot first! 0. Better, Faster, Smaller!! 0. Unforgivable grammer! 0. Suicide cake!!!! 0. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) TABLE TENNIS! 0. Halloween = Christmas; 31 OCT = 25 DEC 0. TRY RESETING IT FIRST! 0. Java coders don’t C#! 0. DEATH TO GOOGLE+ 0. YOU’RE A WIZARD HARRY! 0. &cYou can use SayLol again in &a0 seconds! 0. Disney600! 0. Do an aileron roll! 0. only ENGUIRSH in chat now! 0. io.netty! 0. eni1 need halp? 0. Oppa Gunder Style! 0. Its impossible to make perfection better 0. sounds like you’re choking on a hambgurger 0. Mountain DEWM 0. This is legit yo 0. You may not rest now, there is a dance off nearby! 0. WHAT DID YOU DO I DON’T EVEN 0. I invented a new word, its called Plaigerism 0. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!! 0. Officially an unofficial WR in minecraft 0. OMG IT SPINS! 0. Sheep Simulator! 0. u wot m8 0. If my plot gets rotated, would it be a plot twist? 0. Written in Python! 0. That’s what she said! 0. will it blend? 0. Subscribe to become a sandwhich! 0. redstone hsep! 0. It’s not a bug! It’s an INSECT! 0. ASSCASTLE 0. WUT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER MY CAPS! 0. Welcome to buggit! I’ll be your guide! 0. NOPE.AVI INBOUND 0. Rent-A-Derp! 0. 3th! 0. Colo terorita 0. They should be tarred and feathered for adding lol’s like these! 0. .o/ 0. NO ONE CARES! :D 0. Fapbrick 0. You know nothing Jon Snow! 0. I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS! 0. 32 Nightscope! \o/ 0. Theres a Gap in your brick 0. 2 + eni = 2eni 0. Redstone_Sheep, the MOOO sheep 0. Programming language FatMan922! 0. issued server command: //donotgimmethewand 0. Get out! No one licks you! 0. &a&l+ &7Notch 0. Yopped it! 0. Blame Gap for that 0. quick, we need an enivator! 0. NSA: Night sees all! 0. D-d-d-d-rop the frames! 0. 1v1 me on twitter skrub! 0.! 0. Its called an Etho door because its so simple, Etho can build it! 0. nope.avi 0. &ograbasnack™ 0. i new at English! 0. PINEAPPLE SPACESHIP! ಠ_ಠ 0. THIS IS MY SWAMP! 0. &f &4= &2No backup at all! 0. /ban list 0. ahue 0. All hail sheep! 0. you have reached the edge of this world. 0. 4st! 0. Dico is the badmin! 0. ALL HAIL LORD SHEEP 0. Forums at ! 0. Accounts on are now free! 0. that’s what she said! 0. I like fire 0. Dico is love, Dico is life… 0. If only Bukkit wouldn’t Fukkit 0. U Mod Bro? 0. I’ve confarlmed my email! 0. I pee freedom! 0. works with lava! 0. DON’T YOU FORCEFIELD ME! 0. Micro$oft windoors 9 0. Not affiliated with GAP Inc.! 0. duck and cover! 0. RELEASE THE SCHAFEN! 0. Hey Gapple! - WHAT? - Brick. 0. You’re the best, ARROUUUUND! 0. &lEVERYONE JOIN NOW!!!111 0. Restack the stacks! 0. The source code is not comprehensible. 0. hurr durr! 0. YOU’RE A HARRY WIZARD! 0. Fathership_Q! 0. Traveling ended ! 0. &5Deep 0. &cBanned: &etroll/10 0. Mienkrapht* 0. anybody survivaling? 0. Yez i very experiencd. playing minecraft since 15 yearz! 0. redstone? what’s that? 0. that’s wacist! 0. I’m from PMC, can I have OP plz? 0. Luke, use the (mass * acceleration) ! 0. All in all it’s just a nether brick in the wall! 0. We have a new Motherator! 0. Every 60 seconds a minute passes by in Afrika

I know, there are some problems with it, if you find any, then say to me.

I think i keep writing them to 200

Outdated again :D Dico added 2 lols yesterday:

  1. “Redstone? What’s that?” (I said that and he added it ;D)
  2. “We haz new Motherator”

You could as well just run /lol list.

I did this, but the output is too long, so the only way to see, is in the launcher, but i needed to clean up the [12:00:36] [Server thread/INFO] section.

Anyway, many thanks @redstone_sheep

181. Pyah!!! 182. U been logblocked! 183. Lots of spigotti! 184. Enter the YopTrix… 185. Congratulations! You win the brammy award for best redstoner! 186. Redstone is sorcery 187. Poke-A-Mod gotta ban them all! 188. Bobo Cornholled the monkey! 189. gunder lives in the tropix 190. Because i fucking hate bad language 191. yop till you drop! 192. HODOR 193. Pyahthon

Cant seem to get the numbers right, please fix sheep xD done! ~sheep

@ramon156 So many lols with my name in em

You’re missing the most important one:

  • On a scale of 1-10, what is your favorite colour of the alphabet?


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I got a IDEA My mommy ses im speshal