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so, I’m trying to summon the entity “Item” that has the ID: id:minecraft:blaze_rod. Basically I add the “count:1” tag that allows me to pick up the summoned Blazerod. My question: is there a way to make it, where you pick up the blazerod and the blazerod is named whatever you want?

I am in MC v1.9.x

Here is an example of a command I tried that DIDNT work:

• /summon Item ~ ~ ~ {Count:1,id:minecraft:blaze_rod,display:{Name:Namehere}}

For commands like that ^^^ I only got the blazerod entity that I could pick up, and it didn’t have my custom name. D: anyone know how to do this?

Thanks I love u all

I do believe that the part that sets the name needs to have quotea around the name like this.


Also try the name: part as name: and Name: I’m not sure which it is.

Tell me if this works.

@Xav101 @Deeeeeeeeeedo I think instead of the {} on what Xav said, you need []
Hmm… I see what you mean Nyx.