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I am giving away free Minecraft backgrounds with your character on it.

Rendering takes 4 minutes: render

End result will look like this: end

==You CAN give me suggestions for what it must look like!== #PLEASE FILL IN THIS FORM

Can I have one? :3

I’d like it a bit like what you have there, only with a diamond sword and diamond boots please :3

I could also make Iphone Backgrounds If asked for
Wow that’s awesome! Can you do one for me please? I’m not too picky about backgrounds or anything so something similar to what’s up there would be fine. Thanks in advance :)
WAITINGLIST: @Jessica_MC @DoomBlah @NinjiPlays
PyjamaL1ama’s Background is done!! PJ
Barrygold_’s picture is done!!!!

Fun fact, I did a render for a Youtube for his icon xD

Im not that bad at life .-.

Cookie’s picture is done!!!!
yonatand’s picture is done!!!!
I want, make me wearing iron boots plz
ok Ill make them tomorrow
Ok I want mine to be me near a tropical waterfall type place.
btw, how would I get my one when it’s done?
@NinjiPlays Do you have skype? And otherwise I will just upload it here :)
Yeah, just upload it here :P - Is my request possible? xD
Yes, ummmmm can you maybe give me a world containing all those machines?
Ok then, don’t worry about the machines then! xD Just make me be near a nice looking waterfall.