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Let’s all be really honest for a moment.

Got it? Let’s start.

The Redstone community used to be full of people with actual Innovation, brand new ideas, and interesting, mind-boggling circuitry. I’m not saying that redstone itself has a fault,

No, no no.

I’m saying that Minecraft is losing people, Starting out with the greatest. There have been a recent upturn of focus back onto redstone, minecraft in general, but it’s easy to see that everyone has lost interest in the game itself.

There is pretty much no point to playing this game anymore. You either have to be insanely motivated to do things to beat gigantic records, or you have to be over smart to actually be able to twist and turn every circuit into something unique and tiny.

Moving onto the redstone community itself. Not suprisingly, there are less and less, and less people getting online…

It’s a friday night, and there’s only 8 people on. The chat’s dead, nobody wants to talk.

Synergy Community:

5 People on, Friday night. Chat’s nearly killed.

I quote L0rd: ‘the server’s community, in my personal opinion, has grown much more toxic’

Let’s face it. The community’s dying. Who have we lost this year so far?

MisaXage, Orangebeak, JaminaJar, KidwaiFamily, yop_tropix, IonWolfHelm, And many others.

I’ll end off with this:

“Mom, why do the best people die?” “When you’re in a garden, which flowers do you pick?” “The most beautiful ones.” ~Unknown

I’ll say the same thing to you as i did to l0rd.

you may think the community is dieing, it might even feel like its dieing but its not. I’ve been on this server nearly three years and it still feels like the community is dieing. But heres the thing the community hasnt been dieing, its been changing. Sure most of the people who were around at the beginning are gone, sure some of the people who were once here daily havent been around in months, yet there are still people on the server. It feels dead but it isnt. If anything its been growing since the beginning. I remember when redstoner started it had a 50 player limit we have since then had more people then that all on at once. The community isnt dieing, your intrest in it has. I’ve felt this too, every few months the community feels like its died, then three months later u realize it hasn’t, and repeat jsut power through it.

Redstoner may not be dying but Doom’s grammar already has done!

Jokes aside, I agree with L0rd about the chat becoming far less mature. I have recently been trying to get people to take such conversations to /msg or a CG (which is preferable because with /msg I still have to watch it over SocialSpy ._.).

We also lost a good few valuable players last year. That is a shame as many of them were good friends of mine, however they have decided to move on and I think that maybe we should let them go and continue to grow as a community using the seeds they have left behind.

And, we’ve lost most/even more people!
And just the same we gained new ones
…not really

Point why we’re all leaving the minecraft side of redstoner here is, the new members that we get, most of them are barely loyal to us, and for the more experianced redstoners, we run out of things to build. Not everyone has the motivation to build like 20 5x5s, and since there are like thousands upon thousands of INSANE builds, its just about impossible for us less experianced redstoners to break another record, which saps out our motivation for doing redstone builds. I myself have stopped playing minecraft and moved on to other games, purely because my motivation for redstoner is just about dry after a year. In my opinion, there should be something extra to redstoner than building things. Perhaps, some of the developers can start creating more minigames that we can do if we get bored of building. Also, L0rd really did get it right, the chat is just…dying. Usually on a daily basis I see around 30 people on in the evening here, but instead I see 8.

And just the same we gained new ones

Doom, what we mean for more players is those who are loyal, those who woyld be on the server for a bit, not those who just come on, have a look and just stop playing it. Thats about a load of members and guests right there. Not to mention the heck of a load of people getting banned so far, including many of my friends. I’m not standing up for what they’ve done, I’m just pointing out that you’re slowly killing your own community.

Sometimes you need to think about redstoner as a business. You don’t want people to stop being here. Thats what keeps a community together. You need some better ways of keeping us here, or before you know it, in a few years, redstoner may not even have the motivation to run itself.

I still have a load to talk about this, I just forgot it because its 2 AM here and I gotta sleep. I also apologiese for the amazingly terrible grammar. Blame sleep deprivation. :P

And sorry for extensive mini-modding, I’m trying to keep the community back to where it was.

I also gotta thank redstoner to moving to other games and hosting servers there, such as factorio, otherwise my life would be even more boring as it already is.

Aye! you forgot to mention me.
Sorriiiiriririririr we’ve lost a lot